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[Finance] FP&A Specialist Abiomed

  • Başlık [Finance] FP&A Specialist Abiomed
  • İşlev Finance
  • Alt fonksiyon Treasury
  • Kategori Experienced Analyst, Treasury (P5)
  • Konum Tokyo Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan
  • Postalanan
  • İstek Kimliği 2406183776W
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Primary responsibility is to develop and control budget and update forecasting during the year. To have tight control and meeting various submission due dates, developing relationship with functional leaders, run the Abiomed budgeting applications and handle communications with outside Japan.  This position needs to work with FP&A staff to learn and share the increasing volume of job including quarterly BRAVO reporting. The role is also recommended to work with Sales Data Analysts to understand the sales strategies and evaluate the status to targets.



1.  High level of Microsoft Excel user. Experience in using SAP, Power Query, Tableau, SFDC are value.

2.  High IT literacy to handle various applications (SAP HANA S4, Adaptive (Abiomed planning application), Salesforce (Abiomed and JNJ), and other JNJ use applications)

3.  Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills in both in Japanese and English. This will be important to develop relationship not only with other function leaders in Japan, but also with people outside Japan.

4.  Capable to travel outside Japan, obtain appropriate product training, if necessary, and develop relationship with counterparts.

5.  Must maintain integrity and compliance.

6.  Ability to pay attention to details.

7.  Flexibility to changing and rapid growth environment.

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