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MedTech Sales

Biosense Webster Sales and Clinical Specialist (North Bosnia and Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Beograd)

  • Başlık Biosense Webster Sales and Clinical Specialist (North Bosnia and Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Beograd)
  • İşlev MedTech Sales
  • Alt fonksiyon Channel Sales - MedTech (Commission)
  • Kategori Analyst, Channel Sales - MedTech (Commission) (P4 - E24)
  • Konum Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia; Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
  • Postalanan
  • İstek Kimliği 2406183535W
Hemen Başvur


Biosense Webster Clinical and Sales Specialist is responsible for clinical support in EP (Electrophysiology) lab, selling and promoting Biosense Webster products and solutions among current and potential customers, developing professional education for end-users, effective and strong collaboration with team members and developing the business growth mainly territory of North Bosnia (Banja Luka, Tuzla i Bijeljina).

Essential duties:

Clinical support

·        Understand and know clinical EP environment, competitor products – continuous development of the knowledge.

·        Product supporting & troubleshooting in real laboratory environment - continuous development of the knowledge.

·        Following and coordinating clinical procedures.

·        Tailor product conversation to the audience to ensure proper understanding and optimal utilization.

·        Demonstrates products features and benefits to meet customers’ unmet needs.

·        Become comfortable with all types of heart arrhythmias.


·        Reaching business and sales goals

·        Collecting, analyzing, and sharing market information (public procurements, competitors, business partners). Benchmarking.

·        Preparing pricing offers, public procurements responses, respecting deadlines.

·        Understand and know clinical EP environment, competitors’ products – continuous development of the knowledge.

·        Keeping regular presentations, education to the partners – introducing new products, techniques, providing courses for the best usage of the product.

·        Responsible for the launch and rollout of new products and services, execute state-of-the-art product launches process.

·        Participate online or/and f2f in industry symposia, medical meetings and monitor the industry’s business.

·        Commercial & negotiation activities with non-clinical stakeholders.


·        Effective expense management.

·        Respecting deadlines in providing monthly reports, expense reports, forecasts and other company processes.

·        Understand and follow the processes with the Customer Service (pricing, public procurement, consignation etc.).

·        Following and administrating quality Complaints due to Company quality processes.

·        Close collaboration with all supportive departments.


·        Acquired University Degree (preferably Technical, Biomedical or Medical background).

·        Good communicator with excellent presentation skills. Strong ability to effectively convey information in a variety of formal and informal settings.

·        Ability to drive projects in an organized and timely manner, with necessarily follow up and interaction with all involved stakeholders.

·        Desire and ability to anticipate and address the needs of customers (internal or external) through timely program/project implementation.

·        Analytical thinking: systematic gathering, organizing, and synthesizing of relevant data into meaningful added value information.

·        Teamwork/Collaboration: intention and ability to work effectively with others toward shared and common goals.

·        High level of energy, engagement, responsibility.

·        Excellent spoken and written English

·        Ability to travel, mainly locally and sometimes in neighbouring countries.

·        Driving license.

·        Fluency in speak / write / reading English language.

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