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Brand Manager & Country Value Team Leader Multiple Myeloma

  • Titel Brand Manager & Country Value Team Leader Multiple Myeloma
  • Functie Marketing
  • Sub functie Product Management
  • Categorie Manager, Product Management (P7)
  • Locatie Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania
  • Gepost
  • Referentie 2406192345W
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Brand Manager & Country Value Team Leader (CVTL) Multiple Myeloma

Location.: Bucharest, Romania

Full time job

The Brand Manager / CVTL is the local ambassador for the brand internally and externally and leads the local CVT, by working in close collaboration with Core Value Team (CVT) members to integrate cross-functional expertise to harmonize and localize the EMEA brand strategy.

The BM/CVTL is responsible for developing the Brand/s strategy according to the EMEA brand plans, leading and ensuring the implementation of the brand plan, and supporting the company’s business plan by developing go-to-market and channel strategy. The BM/CVTL outlines and leads the customer strategy, customer value-added initiatives, and stakeholder engagement plans. As a local market expert, the BM/CVTL will be expected to contribute to the identification of unmet customer needs and the future evolution of Brands and services ‘around the pill’, constantly using the knowledge of the Customer to provide input and guidance to the EMEA Commercial organization.

The Brand Manager / CVTL will have expert knowledge of all aspects of the brand in the country - local customer needs, local requirements, competitive environment, and business imperatives. Using this knowledge the Brand Manager / CVTL will make key decisions around how to achieve commercial success for the brand in the country.

This focal and strategic role represents the key interconnection between the local Country and the EMEA Commercial organization, providing strategic insights and ensuring that the local market perspective is accounted for in EMEA strategy decision-making.

The role is responsible for maintaining communication and collaboration across functions, the IBVTs, and the marketing functional network.


Brand Responsibilities

·     Develops and executes brand strategy and brand plan

·     Contributes to the forecasting and budgeting activities

·     Develops commercial tactics and messages plans to drive optimal launch and best brand positioning at local level, aligned with the EMEA brand strategy and Brand positioning

·     Is responsible for monitoring the development of brand campaigns and the implementation of core projects, as well as the organization of congresses/events, in line with EMEA positioning, messaging and stakeholder engagement strategy

·     Analyses market data, sales data, IMS data and plans accordingly

·     Develops innovative marketing programs based on brand strategy

·     Produces promotional materials following HCC guidelines

·     Monitors KPIs of Brands of responsibility and adjusts plans accordingly to achieve Brand objectives (brand performance, Monitors budget for planned activities/ brand promotional budget

·     Monitors competitive activity

·     Exploits market opportunities and addresses market/ customer needs according to HCC guidelines

·     Works productively with external agencies, cross-functional groups, marketing functional networks, CVTs and IBVTs network

·     Builds strong business relationships with KOLs and monitors industry developments impacting business

·     Works closely with sales personnel to provide guidance and collect feedback

·     Provides relevant training to sales force/ medical representatives and ensures brand vision/strategy buy-in

·     Has shared responsibility for sales target’s achievement of Brand of responsibility

·     Share Best Practices with other BM/CVTLs

·     Develops customer-oriented programs and beyond-the-pill activities to increase customer/ brand  loyalty

·     Reports any Brand Quality Complaint or Adverse Event to the Local Safety Unit

·     Comply with the Safe Fleet requirements

EMEA Responsibilities

·     Inputs into the EMEA Brand Value Planning process by raising specific country issues (e.g. Regulatory, Market Access) to the IBVT

·     Provides key Country assumptions on commercial topics to be integrated into EMEA forecasting, scenarios & risk mitigation plan

·      Works in collaboration with the IBVTL; IBVT and other CVTLs and raises any issues from a local perspective

·     Collaborates within the IBVT to share best practices in terms of processes, deliverables, and approaches (where possible)

Country Responsibilities

·     Conveys the EMEA brand vision at the Country level in order to shape a local brand value plan aligned to the EMEA brand value plan and strategic planning process to the best extent possible, including local budget allocation and resourcing model management

·     Is responsible for monitoring the brand performance at the local level and providing EMEA leadership with standard KPIs and metrics

·     Leads the Country Value Team providing commercial leadership and ensuring the CVT achieves the required deliverables

·     Ensures alignment between CVT members and EMEA functional network

·     Presents Business review for local/international stakeholders during internal/external meetings

·     Leads the implementation of the segmentation, targeting, channel and marketing mix strategy at a local level, taking into consideration local market and customer needs, and ensuring that relevant customer information is entered and maintained in iConnect and other relevant tools

·     Leads the development and implementation of customer-specific, innovative and value-added initiatives to deliver customer needs

·     Develops a network of customer relationships and implements a stakeholder-specific engagement plan to deliver the brand value proposition locally and can conduct peer-to-peer conversations

·     Leverages own network of KOLs and key stakeholders to build and monitor company/ brand loyalty



·     Ability to think strategically and accept strategic decisions or directions, e.g. by:

o   Entrepreneurial thinking  

o   Developing insight and analysis, providing scientific and commercial intelligence

o   Challenge existing ways of thinking/working in a constructive way

o   Deliver consistent messaging to different stakeholders

·     Ability to manage complexity and ambiguity, e.g. by:

o   Embracing situations with high uncertainty, and pushing to formalize ideas quickly

o   Building consensus, yet recognizing when an 'executive decision' is needed

o   Clearly prioritizing work and communicating priorities to ensure the team's correct focus

·     Ability to work collaboratively with a cross-functional and cross-market team, and exercise judgment and make decisions that will benefit the brand strategy for the EMEA region, e.g. by:

o   Being well-connected to the team

o   Listening actively to others, seeking input from many perspectives and looking to find synergies

o   Proactively offering support, insights, and resources to team members

o   Instilling a sense of urgency in the team, as a leader and as a peer

o   Seeking and giving feedback frequently

·     Proven ability to influence and inspire without authority, e.g. by:

o   Having a strong internal and external network and command of available resources

o   Separating signal from noise to discern context and subtle meanings accurately

o   Varying personal style to influence teams and individuals, according to the situation

Required experience and background

·     The successful candidate has a Healthcare background and has demonstrated a strategic mindset, decision-making ability, and is able to synthesize and integrate input

·     Previous relevant pharmaceutical industry marketing experience (at least 2-3 years)

·     University degree is required, (business or life sciences is preferred)

·     Proficiency in English

·     Experience in delivering and executing brand value strategies, and creating tactics aligned with the local market is required

·     Demonstrated commercial acumen and progressive commercial experience

·     An understanding of local market conditions, stakeholders and Brand lifecycles

·     This position requires a minimum of local/ international travel

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