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Medical Affairs Group

[Janssen] Medical Science Liaison, Lung Cancer Medical Science Liaison Group, Solid Tumor, Medical Affairs

  • Titel [Janssen] Medical Science Liaison, Lung Cancer Medical Science Liaison Group, Solid Tumor, Medical Affairs
  • Functie Medical Affairs Group
  • Sub functie Medical Science Liaison
  • Categorie Scientist, Medical Science Liaison (ST4 - E24)
  • Locatie Chiyoda, Tokyo-To, Japan
  • Gepost
  • Referentie 2406173961W
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Responsible for executing the following basic MSL tasks under the guidance of his/her superior and the support of a senior MSL.
• Responsible for building trust relationship with Key Individuals (KIs) in their therapeutic area and implementing the medical plan through scientific communication.
• Practice fair and neutral medical and scientific communication with HCPs, gather and report on unmet medical needs for medical advancement in their therapeutic area and optimizing the value of Janssen products.

Specialist (in addition to above;)

• Has the responsibility to lead the projects/tasks of the MSL group in their therapeutic area and lead them to success.
• Make timely use of new medical and scientific information from various perspectives, communicate with the KI in charge, and build a trust relationship.
• Analyze and identify key MSL findings and provide them to the DA team for use in formulating and revising DA strategy and MAP.
• Contribute to the development of young MSLs in charge of DAs.

Senior Specialist (in addition to above;)

• Responsible for ensuring the success of projects/tasks across the MSL department entire and the MAF DA team.
• Responsible as a key contributor to the formulation and revision of DA strategy and MAP.
• Build a strong relationship of trust with KIs who involved at a higher level through the research, synthesis and representation of complex scientific data.
• Contribute to the formulation of the responsible DA's MSL strategy and enhance the capabilities of DA team members.




・BA/BS(Medical science or other related area)


・MA/MS/MBA(Medical science or other related area)
・Doctorate(Medical science or other related area)


• Bachelor's degree or above is required.
• A master/doctoral degree is preferred.
• 2+ years experience in a pharmaceutical industry or medical institution is desirable
• Experience of clinical development, or medical affairs, or research is desirable
• Good presentation experience and familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

1. Business level of Japanese and English communication
2. Awareness of, and adherence to, Johnson & Johnson Credo values and International Health Care Business Integrity Guide
3. Strategic Agility;
Consider and propose MSL strategies in accordance with a broader TA strategy, and find solutions that address unmet medical needs (clinical questions).
Prioritize projects based on a variety of data and make action proposals in line with important strategies. Ability to work cross-functionally with various stakeholders to understand strategic choices aligned with business plan (BP) and medical plan (MAP) goals.
Data can be evaluated and actions can be suggested to improve scientific output to support strategy. Continuously assess the effectiveness and execution of MSL strategies and adapt to unforeseen opportunities and challenges.

4. Product & Therapeutic Area Knowledge;
Having a thorough understanding of therapeutic areas, products, and treatment options, and using that knowledge to grasp and interpret domestic and international market information (competitor status, medical environment, regulations, etc.) It can lead to business decisions.

Use scientific knowledge to analyze data and differentiate your organization. We will also support MAF strategies and understand their relevance to medical plans (MAPs). Increase awareness of new scientific research and share relevant information with stakeholders within the organization.
Apply statistical concepts to interpret and correctly evaluate clinical research reports and literature. Ability to contribute to new research proposals and protocol creation using statistical knowledge.
5. Scientific Communication Effectiveness;
Possesses a high degree of competence in researching, organizing and articulating complex scientific data that support the priorities of MAF work. and foster stakeholder engagement and advocacy at higher levels. Use scientific data to create new ways of responding to new opportunities and challenges. Leverage multi-channel and conduct communications and presentations tailored to individual customers to actively attract customer interest and be highly appreciated. We propose and support medical education programs that meet unmet medical needs (clinical questions).
Making full use of multi-channels, creating and providing a scientific communication plan that enables impactful discussions that meet customer needs and that can garner a wide range of support and admiration. Discussions on difficult scientific data will also be held to promote science communication. Recognized as a science partner by internal and external stakeholders.

6. External Customer Engagement & Partnership;
Uses communication and engagement skills and available data sources to derive deep, actionable insights to understand customer needs and priorities. In addition, they can determine common goals and contribute to the formation of business plans (BP) and medical plans (MAP).
Recognized as a trusted scientific partner by external customers. Support business priorities by actively building and maintaining partnerships with key external stakeholders.
Guide and advise others within MAF on effective engagement with external stakeholders. Engage with various stakeholders across departments, develop integrated and innovative multi-channel customer engagement plans, and respond to the needs and requests of external stakeholders.
7. Cross functional Collaboration & Teaming;
Build collaborative relationships with various stakeholders across the organization and across departments, promote business plans (BP) and medical plans (MAP), and contribute to the achievement of goals. Able to act as a key member of a cross-functional team to help drive shared business goals to desired outcomes. We will create opportunities for collaboration across occupational boundaries and promote value improvement through these activities.
Have a common understanding with internal stakeholders, align the goals of projects and business, clarify roles and responsibilities, and achieve agreement on plans.
8. Strategic Evidence Generation;
Assess and prioritize evidence gaps based on alignment with external stakeholder needs and business strategy. We understand the need for real-world evidence to demonstrate product value and demonstrate treatment outcomes. Regularly categorize data sources to understand their potential impact and usage. Ask the customer the right questions, knowing that there are limited data sources available to fill the evidence gap. Familiarity with standard methods of evidence generation. Can propose ideas for evidence creation in line with TA and brand evidence creation strategies.
Understand study concepts, protocols and analytical plans, and work with internal and external clinical operations teams to address medical gaps. Understand biostatistical methods used in research. When asked for advice on the preparation of a published paper, I can make full use of a variety of information to give advice.


The role involves extensive interactions with :
External Interactions
• Medical doctors (especially, Key Opinion Leaders)
• Various medical staffs such as Pharmacists and Nurses
Internal Interactions

• R&D,Clinical Regulatory, PV, PMS, HPMA, Communications, Sales, Marketing
• Global and AP Medical Affairs
• All Medical Affairs leaders and members including Global and AP

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan strongly recommends prospective employees to complete the COVID-19 vaccination before or as soon as after joining our company to prevent the spread of infection among our employees and people around them as well as our customers and the community we serve, and to ensure our responsibilities are sustainably fulfilled as a healthcare company (except for those who cannot vaccinated with underlying medical conditions and other circumstances).

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