Business Insights Manager

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Job Description

The Business Insights Manager is business partner for the CVTs and the regions supporting key business decisions on a strategic and operational level.  He or she will be covering domains like, forecasting, analytics, marketing research, CRM, customer insights and competitive intelligence.


The BI Mgr will report to the Manager BI/CEM (head of BI/ Cx)

Tasks and responsibilities
  • Be a dedicated business partner to 1 or 2 CVTs, delivering a clear overview of market dynamics, future trends. Developing Business Insights and Customer Experience Insights that the CVT can feed in the strategy. Is the “right-hand” of the CVTL in developing he future strategy of the TA.
  • Deliver Business Insights and develops his own independent view on the current & desidered strategy. Is able to make strong constructive recommendations regarding tactics /strategy based upon the insights developed / discovered.
Connect – deliver Insights (BI)
    • Provide a clear analysis on the compound within the therapeutic area.
    • Leads the collection of  competitive intelligence and derives insights to position our product in relation to the competitor.
    • Analyze the stakeholders in the market and defines issues and drivers and proposes tactics to reach business targets.
    • Conduct market research with external parties & present outcomes to the CVT in a structured way. Presents in a clear way the implications of the MR outcomes for the desired strategy.
    • As part of the Business Planning process conduct the competitive landscape setting with implications for our own brand / positioning.
Deliver – Output driven (BI)
    • Co-develops patient and forecast models in MTP / FBP process. Takes the lead in the FBP/MTP process and sets realistic but ambitious targets.
    • Develop KPI and product monitor to give insight in strategic and operational progress and effectiveness.
    • Build the MBS with a clear overwiew of the current status and integrates feedback from different stakeholders. Formulates independent recommendations for sls medical /marketing based upon benchmarking woth other TA’s.
Shape (BI)
    • Discuss relevant parameters to define optimal sales force sizing together with the Cx manager
    • Discuss and give input on the bonus system for the field force together with the data steward
    • Prepares & leads the Mid Term Planning process. Guides the CVTL / finance – is the expert in the patient model.
    • Prepares & leads the BP forecast Planning process.

Lead (BI)

    • Conduct Monthly Brand Story (MBS) to present sales progress and insights. Proposes  optimizations
    • Present key issues and opportunities on an ad hoc basis to the Management Board.
    • Be CVT primary contact point for BI topics
    • Plays a key role in developing the contracting framework, calculating the impact on discounts on volume & NTS.Makes recommendations
    • Builds scenario’s and calculates the impact on the BP/MTP. Makes recommendations based upon the insights delivered.
    • In case the BI manager has a direct report he/she is responsible for
      • Keeping an overview on total target for the TA
      • Harmonizing reports between the different brands/ TA’s
      • Benchmarking the different CVT’s and translating best practices from one TA to tho other
      • Aligning on tactical plans when targeting the same customer
      • Taking the lead in the contract procedure and keeping the overview in order to come up with a logicn harmonized proposal / acoount
      • Coaching the BI Senior analyst on analysis to be done, developing insights, making recommendations.
  • Customer Experience

Connect – deliver deep Insights (CE)

    • Delivers based upon the input from the CEM analysts’ knowledge, our customers and their needs and behavior.
    • Be an Expert in CIE supported by the IConnect programme.
    • Understand the way customers want to be approached
    • Liaison with external partners to obtain & present NPS on brand / company level.
    • Deliver Insights beyond information.
    • Collaborate & represent the Benelux within the IBVT / MSM BI network 
Deliver – Output driven (CE)
    • Implement targeting models based on EMEA/Local strategies in collaboration with the CE analyst & CF team
    • Implement segmentation models based on customer mindset, info and contact type in collaboration with the CE analyst & CF team.
    • Liaison with the Data Manager BI/CEM to get the operational tactics into our CRM system.
    • Be an Expert in IConnect deployment within CVT and region
Shape (CE)
    • Drives innovation towards new way of collaboration with our customers.
    • Translates customer needs into actionable planning.
    • Follow up of the implmententation of the Digital Strategy and support Digital Excellence programme with monthly updates of the status
Lead (CE)
    • Maximise customer centricity within the HCBI framework.
    • Conduct monthly Reviews of the CIE index to support customer centricity progress, develops insights & makes recommendations
    • Present key issues and opportunities on an ad hoc basis to the Management Board.
    • Be the CVT primary contact point for customer excellence.
Summary of responsibilities of the BI/CEM team
  • Ensure roll-out of fact-based strategies by all Janssen Benelux departments.
  • Support Janssen Benelux strategy development and execution by delivering market and customer insights, services and solutions cross brand, cross franchise, cross function and cross country.
  • Continuously improve internal and external quality of strategies and processes.

  • Broad & ind depth analytic skills and a drive to analyze pro-actively data to come to strategic views and operational insights to guide the CVT in developing the strategy or taking corrective actions.
  • Have a structured approach to come to decision making
  • Excellent communication skills and team work, has the maturity / knowledge & is able to convice /influence the CVT based upon insights
  • Presentation skills
  • A high level of computer literacy
  • Ability to work in cross functional teams and defend your point of view
  • Highly motivated & has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the business.

Primary Location
Janssen Cilag N.V./S.A. (7025)
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