[Surgical Vision] Associate Territory Sales Manager

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Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly based healthcare Company, touching the lives of nearly a billion people every day. Our Family of Companies throughout the world compete in consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostics markets and have the skills and resources to tackle the world's most pressing health issues.

1. 포지션: Associate Territory Sales Manager
2. 계열사: 존슨앤드존슨 비젼 (Surgical Vision)
3. 근무지: 대구/경상북도

4. 근무 형태: Regular



Responsible for managing sales, biz partners and achieving financial objectives for assigned products within assigned territory.


1) Actively promote J&J products and services aligned with core mission, corporate strategies, policies, procedures (Foundation list) and Code of Conduct.

2) Assist in the development and implementation of strategic sales plans.

3) Perform sales calls (HCP / Distributors) to promote, sell, demonstrate and service J&J’s products and services to existing, and potential customers in its operating room or relevant hospitals and provide brief training and education for both existing and potential customers to gain market share if needed

4) Manage current distributors throughout effective communication to develop assigned Territories and ensure maximum coverage of all accounts within territory geographic areas to maintain optimum level of exposure and effective time management.

5) Maintain a high level of product knowledge after internal product and relevant training

6) Provide on-going field intelligence reports on competitive activity, changes in market, distribution, pricing as well as input on customer preferences and product features.

7) Develop business plans which identify opportunities within current customer base and help formulate sales strategies in conjunction with team sales manager or national sales Manager

8) Support and Provide necessary supports including trainings to customers within the assigned territory to achieve individual and company goals

9) Participate in product and skills development programs, managing own self development

10) Evaluate and improve job skills continually

11) Develop and maintain professional selling skills



1) University/Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent.

2) Generally, Requires 3~5 Years Work Experience in Sales 



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Primary Location
South Korea-Daegu--
AMO Asia Limited (Korea Branch) (8248)
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