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Job Description

The Crystallization Technology Unit (CTU) located in Beerse, Belgium is part of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Small Molecule Development within Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

CTU develops the crystallization process for the final API and the subsequent downstream processing steps such as filtration, drying and milling. The main responsibility of the group is to design a robust and scalable crystallization process which delivers the desired crystalline polymorph with a satisfactory yield and purity profile. Additionally, the CTU investigates tuning strategies to alter material properties such as particle size distribution range, morphology, bulk density and powder flow behaviour. As these properties impact the formulation behaviour, this work is performed in close collaboration with the Drug Product group.

Currently, we are looking for a highly motivated Scientist to join our multidisciplinary team of experts in crystallization process development, kinetic modelling, API particle tuning technology and Process Analytical Tools (PATs).

Principal responsibilities

  • Take responsibility for the development of the crystallization process and the downstream processing of the final API in multiple projects in the portfolio. Be involved from laboratory up to plant scale to tackle arising problems and guarantee on-time delivery of the final API.
  • Key tasks include:
  • Independently conceptualize and conduct advanced experimental studies to gain mechanistic insights and develop a scalable crystallization process that meets API specifications (polymorph, particle properties, purity, …)
  • Evaluate crystallization kinetics and thermodynamics to support and/or perform process modelling and design
  • Capture, analyse and interpret data from various sources: PAT data, offline analytical data (UPLC, XRD, DSC, Laser Diffraction, …), etc.
  • Evaluate downstream processing steps: filtration, drying and milling
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders (R&D chemists, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Product Development, API manufacturing sites) to keep a holistic overview and align on the project deliverables 
  • Keep abreast with scientific and technical developments in the field of particle tuning techniques and take on the role as a subject matter expert (SME) for a specific technology

  • Ph.d in chemical engineering, chemistry or physics, or a Master/Bachelor with additional research experience in the field of crystallization or particle tuning sciences
  • Hands-on experience with conducting accurate data-rich lab experiments
  • Experience in one of these fields: crystallization process design, working with PAT equipment or process modelling (e.g. population balance, kinetic modelling)
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills in English and ability to cooperate and collaborate in a team environment


Nice to have:

  • Experience with process scale-up and/or technology transfer, moving from laboratory to pilot plant or production scale
  • Demonstrated ability to represent the group to various stakeholders and collaborate with cross-functional project teams to design the best process
  • Familiarity with either:
  • API solid state screening and selection,
  • Design of Experiments methodology,
  • Downstream processing steps: filtration, milling and drying,
  • Inline microscopy and image analysis,
  • Particle surface modification or powder characterization,
  • Concepts and application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


What is in it for you?

Contributing to the discovery of a medical breakthrough and a world without disease

Being part of a motivated and experienced research team (ca. 20 people) in an innovative working environment

Access to state-of-the art facilities, including high tech PAT equipment and skilled subject matter experts, all located on site in Beerse

Through mentoring programs, e-university and on the job training, we ensure your personal development in a global company

A competitive salary, on-site sport accommodations, health/energy programs and other benefits for you and your family

Flexible working hours (40 h/week), no fixed holiday planning and possibility to work at home for non-laboratory related tasks



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Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. (7555)
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