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Product Owner / Product Manager Network Experience

Leipzig, Deutschland
Product Development


Requisition ID: 1905773781W

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices has acquired The Surgical Process Institute (SPI) as part of its continued commitment to enhancing surgical procedures and quality of care; bringing value to both customers and patients.

The Surgical Process Institute has led the way in developing digital technologies that improve the standardization of surgical workflows in the operating theatre. SPIs unique digitized and customizable surgery workflow engines enable surgery teams to perform more efficiently, reduce operating time, and deliver better patient outcomes.

As part of its growth strategy, SPI will further develop its proprietary software Surgical Procedure Manager (SPM) and other components, that will be used across different disciplines and workflows before, during and after surgery and different disciplines. SPI is developing data products with the focus use data from various sources for the conversion into knowledge that enables care teams to choreograph their Operating Rooms, treatment pathways and to deliver consistent, high quality of care for every patient no matter where, when and by whom treated. Network Experience is the name for a family of products that support a customer experience based on networked data.

Furthermore, SPI has the goal to support the digital strategy of J&J that gives surgeons, patients and other stakeholders access to a global knowledge resource for the improvement of surgical workflows and value-based care. Which means also to support the development of their own standard based on detailed available evidence, process and performance data available.

SPIs mission is to drive excellence in surgery, healthcare and to improve patient outcomes connecting all players along a digitized pathway and value chain.


Currently we are looking for a Product Owner / Product Manager Network Experience


Be the CEO of your product! A product owner at SPI owns the product end-to-end. You know the customer needs, are a strong player in the market and use that energy at home leading the development of a world-class product. You build a strong value creation network together with the customer, all SPI internal and Johnson & Johnson internal functions as well as the market to deliver a first-class product experience our customers love! The goal of your work is to create value improving patient outcomes and high quality and efficient results through defining world-class products for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

You are the first who reads the value of data and are able to convert data into high profile data product. Big data, analytics and artificial intelligence are tools that you can assess and manage for the sake of your high-quality data products. You have an affinity to life sciences especially medicine and how value is created measured and delivered in science and healthcare delivery. Be part of the data revolution turning data into knowledge with high profile data products and conduct the change a better healthcare using knowledge through your products.

The SPI head office is located in Leipzig. You will work closely with the development team for Network Experience that is located in different places. You are part of the part of the product management team and will report directly to the CIO - Head of Product and Technology of SPI. The growing Network experience development team consists currently of 7 people. Preferably you are living in the region Leipzig/Berlin to be able to be in Leipzig frequently, but this is not mandatory for this position


Supporting and managing SPI products

  • Deliver world-class products quickly to the market
  • Own the product end-to-end: business, technology & processes
  • Lead the product life cycle: discover, define, design, deliver
  • Define metrics and targets for customer success and deliver on them continuously
  • Drive product ideas together with an agile software development team in a fast-paced environment
  • Own and communicate your conceptual approaches to SPI products using your fluent and vivid imagination converted into living descriptions
  • Communicate easily with customers, development teams and scientists about your product ideas to create value
Create and support successful SPI data products
  • Lead market research to gain knowledge about data and knowledge trends in the health domain and to transform this knowledge into business cases and successful data products
  • Develop and support SPIs data strategy to ensure all necessary data, information and knowledge is built into SPI data products
  • Describe and design use cases and user stories focusing on data scenarios for your development team
  • Own and develop strategies to use data frameworks, toolsets and technology to harvest the technological possibilities to build data products. This includes data science, statistical frameworks, visualization engines and artificial intelligence
  • Grow SPIs analytical capabilities in products and tools supporting descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Support and consult with quality/regulatory/compliance functions to ensure safety, security and compliance of SPI data products in healthcare environments. Take responsibility for data management performed by SPI data products and ensure that SPI product usage will guarantee a safe and secure situation for customers, patients and SPI
  • Design and advice data usage and strategies to extract and build information and knowledge from data originating from structured, semi-structured and unstructured sources

  • MS/BS degree in Science, Software Engineering, Engineering, Medical Technology or equivalent preferred. Academic backgrounds or career paths include medicine, informatics, medical informatics, data science, bioinformatics, biology, biotechnology or biomedical engineering.
  • You have a strong background or BS/MS degree in data science, analytics, statistics or mathematics with experience or relationships to medicine and life sciences.
  • You have work experiences in biostatistics and/or clinical trials, analytical medial science or data engineering is also a plus
  • You have experience and/or deep knowledge in machine learning and AI technologies and statistics and mathematics to assess and design successful data products
  • You have experience and/or deep knowledge to build business to identify issues and use data to propose solutions for effective decision making
  • You have experienced product management hands-on and end-to-end in a startup culture and in a corporate culture
  • You led multi-disciplinary, international teams to deliver technology products and new business models successively to market
  • You continuously delivered digital products to end customers and matured them based on lots of data and feedback
  • You’ve become a true fan of the agile mindset and successfully convinced organizations to learn faster by early feedback
  • You defined customer success metrics, acceptance criteria and led an organization through them
  • You have experience in the healthcare or highly regulated sector?  Wonderful!
  • You work closely with your customers and internal and external stakeholders to identify issues and use data to propose solutions for effective decision making
  • You manage a team of engineers to build algorithms and design experiments to merge, manage, interrogate and extract data to build successful data products and supply tailored reports to customers colleagues, customers or the wider organisation
  • You manage the tech team to use machine learning tools and statistical techniques to produce successful data products and solutions to problems
  • You manage the product life cycle in all stages assuring also the usage of relevant technologies, data mining models and test data to select the most appropriate ones for use in a data product
  • You are strong in conceptualizing new business models and value opportunities
  • You’ve a highly analytical attitude and metrics-driven mindset
  • You’ve a super quick grasp on business, software and technology
  • You are a strong negotiator no matter with whom
  • You’re highly self-directed and self-organized for focus
  • You can lead a team in a fast-paced environment also in difficult times
  • Your stories are captivating, and you communicate them loud and clear
  • Your passion is inspiring and motivating
  • Fluent English is mandatory, any other language each a plus
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