Lead Compliance & Forensic Specialist

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Job Description

Position objective:

To perform value added services for our customers in areas that involve:

  • Investigations of potential violations of Johnson & Johnson business conduct, expense reporting, financial statement, or other policies.

  • Reviews of controls to help ensure J&J operating companies and related third parties are in compliance with FCPA, HCC and GCC guidelines and regulations.

  • Other types of financial, compliance and operational audits or special projects as required.

Core Expectations:

§  Communication:

§  Communicates clearly to management, staff, and peers both verbally and in writing.

§  Communicates effectively with upper levels of management with the ease and skill of a Manager.

§  Works directly with attorneys, compliance personnel and key external partners. 

§  Collaboration:

§  Fosters a culture of openness, teamwork, and a positive work environment. 

§  Partners well with internal and external stakeholders and is viewed by stakeholders as the “contact point” for the engagement.

§  Ability to function effectively in a cross-functional and multi-cultural matrixed audit team/organization. 

§  Leadership:

§  Works independently and with little or no supervision or guidance.

§  Makes decisions while on site without the assistance of the Job Manager.

§  Supervises and / or mentors audit staff (internal, external or co-sourced).

§  Manages multiple priorities concurrently without sacrificing quality.

§  Manages in ambiguous situations and ability to multi-task with strong organizational skills.

§  Ability to proactively identify, lead and help implement special projects (technical and non-technical) related to audit process, analytics, process improvement, etc.

§  Technical Knowledge:

§  Understands and applies the technical aspects of the audit and possesses the technical skills sufficient to mitigate risk.

§  Leads and plans an audit or investigation with minimal or no input from the Job Manager.  This includes assessing risk, selecting areas to audit, deciding on the nature of testing, the sequence of audit work, writing the audit report, presenting findings etc.

§  Writes and interprets audit programs that focus on the appropriate business risks.

§  Assists in developing the risk assessment and audit plan for the succeeding year.

§  Continually seeks to advance both individual and team technical knowledge with cutting edge audit techniques and procedures to provide value-added services.

§  Demonstrates ability to analyze and interpret data to develop insights and strategic input.

§  Demonstrates strong business acumen and big-picture orientation to help deliver results.

§  Innovation:

§  Develops and is open to new ideas and approaches. Challenges the status quo and demonstrates an external mindset.

§  Flexible in terms of work to be performed and initiates and / or embraces change.

§  Helps to drive innovation and adoption of new technologies, techniques and tools, e.g., data analytics.

§  Demonstrates prudent risk taking with the ability to combine innovation with current business processes to yield results.



Up to 25% domestic and / or international travel.


The Lead Compliance and Forensic Specialist will report to a Manager and will have no direct reports for counseling purposes.


§  A Bachelors or Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or other business disciplines is preferred.  Other degrees will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

§  A professional certification (CIA, CPA, CMA, or CFE) is strongly preferred.



§  5+ years of prior business experience with emphasis on financial or compliance auditing and/or fraud investigations. 

§  Proven knowledge and expertise through demonstrated results in one of the above areas.

§  Big 4 accounting/auditing experience preferred.

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson Medical Shanghai Ltd. (7055)
Job Function
Info Technology
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