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Assistant Cell Leader

Suzhou, China
Operations (Generalist)

Job Description

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§   Organize resources to ensure supply of products in line with the demand plan and the compliance requirements. Maintain performance in line with agreed targets for productivity, lead time, inventory, quality, safety & Environment/ 充分组织资源,以确保生产的产品符合计划需求和合规要求,保持绩效符合设定目标的生产率,交货期,库存,质量,安全与环境

·         Manage, motivate and develop reports to promote high performance in line with the Standards of leadership. Manage all employees’ related issues in a fair and reasonable manner in line with the Credo, the company policies and the Standard of Leadership/ 管理,激励,发展公司领导力以达成高绩效团队,管理所有员工的相关问题以公平合理的方式并符合公司信条,政策和领导力的要求

·         Adapt resources to follow the production schedule, reduce lead time and back orders for the best customer services while reducing inventory / 运用相应遵循生产计划,缩短订单交货时间同时降低库存,保持做好的客户服务

·         In collaboration with the engineering department, develop and or lead actions to improve productivity, efficiency and consumable cost/同工程团队紧密合作,领导与开展项目提升生产率,效率以及降低消耗品费用

·         Participate to the identification, selection, installation and validation of manufacturing Equipments/参与生产设备的定义,选择,安装和验证阶段

·         Maintain a very high standard of 5S/保持现场高标准的5S状态

·         Manage the operators incentive system ;/管理好员工激励

·         Develop and maintain metrics and dashboards; /开展与维护好生产指标及看板

·         Maintain an up to date and accurate skill matrix to assure that resources are allocated to tasks according to their demonstrated training and qualification/ 维护好最新及准确的员工技能矩阵,根据员工的表现与授证确保资源与工作被合理分配

·         Applies Process Excellence and Lean Techniques to optimize performance/运用卓越的流程管理和精益技术改善现场绩效

§   Support the development of the Quality system and the application of all quality requirements/支持与维护质量体系的发展和日常的工作符合质量要求

·         Ensure all manufacturing operations are performed in line with procedures and work instructions defined in the quality system/ 确保所有的生产活动都符合质量体系中所规定的程序文件要求

·         Maintain the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices/ 现场维持GMP的高标准

·         Participate to the development of procedures and work instruction/参与程序文件的制定

·         Assume a lead role in conjunction with QA to eliminate repeat close calls and potential recalls.与质量部门紧密合作承担消除产品召回风险的职责

§   Support the development of the EHS system and the application of all EHS requirements/支持与维护安全环境健康体系的发展和日常的工作符合安全环境健康体系的要求

·         The Cell Leaders are responsible for the implementation and control of the Environmental, Health and Safety procedures within their individual manufacturing operations areas or on a larger scope when relevant/生产主管负责在所管理的生产现场以及相关区域实施受控的环境,健康和安全规程

·         Ensure that EHS policies and actions are implemented. Ensure that all reports are trained and follow the EHS policies/确保EHS方针被执行,确保所有的活动经过EHS方针的培训

·         In case of near miss, findings or accidents, lead or participate to the investigation and CAPA Process/当发生EHS事件,发现以及EHS事故时,能够领导与参与调查以及开展预防措施

§   Support the product transfers in collaboration with the Engineering and Quality departments/与工程团队与质量团队紧密合作支持新产品转入项目


§  Results Orientation/结果导向

§  Leadership & Vision/领导力&愿景

§  Resilience/抗压能力

§  Effective Communicator/有效沟通

§  People Manager/人员管理

§  Facilitator/引导能力

§  Problem Solving Ability/问题解决能力

§  Sound Judgment & Tact/判断

§  Ability to Master Complexity主导复杂情况的能力

§  Flexible/变通能力

§  Third level Qualification/第三方资格认证

§  Management role within a multinational company/跨国公司的管理职责

§  Mechanical Degree, Business Administration or equivalent/ Masters is plus. /机械类,商业管理类专业或等同型背景/研究生优先

§  Previous experience within the Healthcare/Medical Devices is plus/医疗器械或器材经验背景优先

Primary Location
China-Anhui-Suzhou-No. 299, Changyang Street, Suzhou Industrial Park
Johnson & Johnson Medical Suzhou Ltd. (7054)
Job Function
Operations (Generalist)
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