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Health Policy Manager

Jinan, China
Local Government

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905763201W

- 优化负责省份的医药卫生政策环境,加速创新产品善思达的医保准入以及准入后的政策落地;
- 积极推动公司产品在省级和统筹区域层面获得政策改善;
- 建立定期和内部政策沟通解读机制;
- 建立并不断完善客户档案,保持合适的专业化的拜访频率,建立良好的合作关系;
- Improving the provincial political environment of public health, and promote the entry of medical insurance and the related reimbursement of the new products: Invega Sustenna;
- Optimize the policy advantages for the products;
- Establishing an regular internal interpretation and research mechanism of policies;
- Constructing and improving customer archives, maintaining a proper and professional visiting frequency and establish good cooperative relationships.

- 本科或本科以上学历,医药及相关专业背景最佳;
- Bachelor degree or above; Medical/Pharmaceutical related preferable;
- 4年以上的医药行业从业经历;
- Minimum of 4 years experience in pharmaceutical and/or healthcare business;
- 1年以上外资及合资制药企业政府事务经理经历;或2年以上外资及合资制药企业销售管理或市场管理,项目管理经历;
Minimum of 1 years government affair management experience in pharmaceutical and/or healthcare industry; or minimum of 2 years sales management or market management or project management experience in pharmaceutical and/or healthcare industry;
- 良好的英文阅读、书写和沟通能力及熟练地电脑技能;
- Good English reading, writing and communication skill, good computer skill;
- 专业胜任力Functional Competencies:良好的沟通说服能力,客户关系维护、复杂事务处理能力,项目管理能力,政策分析能力,市场准入能力。
- Good communication skill, good at maintaining relationship, handling complicated affairs, good project management skill, policy analysis skill and professional sensibility.

Primary Location
Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. (7043)
Job Function
Local Government
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