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Packaging Engineer

Shanghai, China

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905759094W

- 此职位员工—般为初级专业人士和工程师,需要拥有对一定包装研发技能和经验,此职位员工.在团队中负责处理庞大流程或项目中的具体一部分事务,需要对初级员工如实习生,明确鉴定的进行工作指导或监理。
职位 Position 亚太包装工程师Packaging Engineer
部门 Department包装部 Packaging Department
Job Target (Describe briefly, no more than 4 items)
- In terms of professions! and technical knowledge, have a wealth of experience and skills to independently initiate and implement the work;
- Need to understand and apply a theoretical discipline - including the basic principle and practices;
-The staff of this level is the contributors to the team;
工作主要职责(列出5-7项)The primary duties (list 5-7 items)
-Develop the processes and procedures within more extensive drafts;
-implement and manage a large number of projects, development and processes within the global strategy design activities;
-Develop and implement operational and reporting standards;
-In the case of obedience and ensure completion of activities in time;
-Identify and implement process standards.
Job evaluation standard (expected achievement)
-Performance-oriented: Encourage others to achieve challenging goals or realize their highest potential;
-Analytical thinking: Pay attention to the multiple relationships in difficulties/ problems;
-Curiosity: Seeking opportunities, willing to try to develop new ideas and able to accept uncertainty;
-紧迫感:主动积极地回应困难和机会.减少工 作周期时间,必要时采取措施。
-Sense of urgency: Proactively respond to problems and opportunities, reduce cycle time, if necessary, take measures to;
-Honest artel the company credo: build trust, truth, transparency on all issues, show sincere concern for the staff.

学历要求 Academic Requirement: MBA,硕士 学士: MBA, Master, Bachelor
工作经验work experience: 无相关工作经验要求None
能力要求Capacity Requirement
1分析思维Analytical thinking:初级水平
2、学习和适应Learn and Adaptability:中级水平
3、协作和团队合作collaboration and team work:初级水平
4、创新 Innovation:初级水平
6、项目管理 Project Management:初级水平
7、包装专业技术Packaging Technology :初级水平
8、实验技能experimental Skills

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson (China) Ltd. (7047)
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