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[Janssen] Medical Excellence Coordinator

Yongsan-gu, South Korea
Medical Affairs

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905751364W

Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly based healthcare Company, touching the lives of nearly a billion people every day. Our Family of Companies throughout the world compete in consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostics markets and have the skills and resources to tackle the world's most pressing health issues.

1. 포지션: Medical Excellence Coordinator 
2. 계열사: 한국얀센 (Janssen)
3. 근무지: 서울시 용산구

4. 근무 기간: Fixed Term



Perform as Medical Excellence Coordinator for supporting Medical Event Events (MEs), management of Medical Affairs related system and administration of requested tasks for Medical Affairs in compliance with the related regulation/standard procedure.


1) Medical Events (MEs) Supporting/managing related documents:

- Conduct ME documents drafting, managing, and supporting for MEs 

- Supports expense management for medical events and administrates ME expense in financial system (JEF)

- Reports to KRPIA and HCC dept for MEs related required tasks

- Monitors the external vendors’ deliverables, provide the feedback to related team, and escalated any compliance issues

- Processes payment based on invoices/contracts etc.

- Support ME field check-up, if required.

2) MAF Document Archiving Coordinator

- Arranges for the appropriate archiving of MAF document.

- Acts as a point of contact in archiving process

- Manage Maintains and updates an Archive related documents

- Ensures MAF employees to conduct appropriate archiving/retrieval process.

- Regularly reconciles inventory list of Janssen and archiving company

3) MAF contracts management and Contract system coordinator

- ICD coordinator: upload and manage MAF contracts in internal Contract database (ICD) system

- Maintains the contracts and contract log in local document drive up- to-date

4) Provides administrative and logistical support Medical Affairs in tracking of the budget, organizing meetings, mailing and correspondence and other relevant tasks as appropriate.




1) Graduated from college or University

2) Prefer accounting, finance related major

3) Prefer any experience of working in pharmaceutical industry and understanding of its policies or regulation



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Primary Location
South Korea-Seoul-Yongsan-gu-
Janssen Korea, Ltd. (7220)
Job Function
Medical Affairs
Requisition ID