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【Surgical Vision/AMO】Group Manager, Commercial Excellence

Chiyoda, Japan
Sales Administration

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905742433W

<Primary Function/ Primary Goals/ Objectives>

Commercial Excellence Group Manager is responsible for identifying growth opportunities, designing and deploying comprehensive strategies to driver business performance closely working with Sales & Marketing through following key pillars:

1. Sales Operation: Sales & Customer Data Management, Sales Programs & Financial Contracts, Sales Incentives

2. SFE: Sales Analytics, Sales Strategy & Tactics Planning, Tracking, Reporting

3. Commercial Operation: Consignment & Capital Assets Management for sales efficiency

4. Sales Training

5. Strategic Planning & Execution

6. People Development & Management in Commercial Excellence Organization


<Core Job Responsibilities/ Accountability / Scope (Major Duties and Responsibilities)>

1.      Sales Operation

    Leading sales data management to support sales activities for achieving BP, driving business for mid-term

    Responsible for Distributor management in terms of quality management, compliance (due diligence), and rebate contracts

    Planning and execution of Sales Programs / Financial Programs for distributors & Hospital/Clinics with preparation and management of contract format

    Prepare Sales Incentive program based on BP to drive business

    Plan and execute sales campaign to accelerate sales according to market situation and sales trends

    Manage capital assets consignment (compliance / BP)


2.      SFE

    Analyze sales performance per accounts and provide periodical reports & insights to support Sales & Marketing strategy planning and execution with customer & market data collected.

    Lead and enhance SFE & CRM data management & operation efficiency to achieve BP and drive business.

    Deploy, optimize and maintain sales processes and tools to drive business strategies and initiatives.


3.      Commercial Operation

    Take a critical role in designing and monitoring commercial approach and translating strategic objectives into operational plans

    Support local SCM by collaborating with Sales & Marketing, Planning and Deliver team and the other functions to maintain product supply and inventory at proper level based on BP

    Set and manage commercial operation rules to optimize Shipment, Consignment, and Inventory management in order to prevent back orders and excessive inventory

    Provide the constructive suggestions to improve efficiency in commercial operation, prioritize items to be improved, take leads for execution of projects, and track progress and results to make sure of improvement in customer satisfaction and efficiency of commercial operation.

    Lead to introduce the global project relating commercial operation system (ex. EyeScan) in Japan


4.      Sales Training

    Manage the development and implementation of the sales training, product training as well as sales management training program.

    Help accelerate onboarding training to develop new sales force effectively.

    Provides expertise and guidance to sales management on the establishment of training priorities for both long term and short term objectives.


5.      Strategic Planning Execution

    Work with Sales and Marketing and the other key functions in the organization to generate commercial strategy and business plan

    Lead strategic planning initiatives, ensure successful execution by tracking progress and developing action plans for driving performance

    Review and drive business performance by market & business insights development, opportunity & risk assessment

    Develop KPIs and Generate business performance reports to monitor and improve business performance


6.      People Development & Management in Commercial Excellence Organization

    Build and provide the vision of organization

    Maintain strong team engagement to deliver high quality, high performance and best results of the organization.

    Develop and maintain healthy pipeline of successor of CommEx Organization

    Provide development opportunity to individuals to help them grow to achieve long-term organizational goal.




    Bachelor Degree (MBA or equivalent experience preferred)

    Fluent English and Fluent Japanese

    Basic business skills (presentation, business analysis)

    Commercial Experience in Sales / Marketing for 5-7 years minimum in Healthcare Industry

    Management experience of a team (more than 3 team members)

    Business strategy & planning experience

    CRM/SFE tool & data management and deployment experience

    Data driven business planning experience for more than 3 years


Required Functional Competencies 

    Identify the key factor which impact the business the most and prioritize it

    Balance short-term and long-term priorities to achieve the success in the long run

    Create business foundation and environment that enables a sustainable growth

    Collaborate across divisions to maximize/optimize business opportunities

    Provide deep insights, knowledge and leadership to make businesses successful

    Giving proactive and constructive feedback to team members and business partners to help them grow

Primary Location
AMO Japan KK (8054)
Job Function
Sales Administration
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