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Technician QC Chemistry

Hangzhou, China
Quality Control

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905731348W

  1. 按计划按时准确完成原辅料、成品、稳定性样品、中控样品、投诉样及其他样品的基础检测任务,例如pH 检测,纯化水的检测,滴定测试等。
Perform basic testing, i.e., pH testing, Purified water testing, titration testing etc. for raw materials, final products, stability samples, bulk samples, complaint samples and other samples within required testing cycle time.
  1. 在工作中发现异常或OOS应及时汇报,必要时支持完成异常或者OOS的发起、调查及关闭工作。
Report the issue or OOS timely during, support for issue/OOS initial, investigation and closure if needed.
  1. 根据程序或草案要求,正确完成相应的检测或操作任务。
Fulfill the required testing and operation according to
  1. 严格遵循实验室相关EHS程序,工作中佩戴合适的PPE,及时汇报工作中发现的任何有关EHS隐患。
Follow up local regulations and Abbott’s policy of Quality and EHS strictly, contribute to continuous improvement the quality system and working process of function group and QC
  1. 及时完成各项培训任务。
Complete all trainings within leadtime
  1. 完成主管或经理安排的其他任务。
Complete other tasks assigned by supervisor or manager
  1. 遵循ISO13485, GMP,QSR820, 21CFRPart 211 及公司政策,符合规定的要求。
Comply with the requirements of ISO13485, GMP, QSR820, 21CFRPart 211 and company regulation.

  1. 药学,药物分析,分析化学或相关专业,大专及以上学历。
    College diploma in pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical analysis, analytical chemistry and related specialties
  2. 大专学历需要具有医药或医疗器械公司化学实验室实习或工作经验,或者本科应届毕业生。
    With a college diploma, intern or work experience in the chemical lab of medicinal and medical devices company is required or graduating student with a bachelor’s degree. 
  3. 良好的人际沟通能力,正直诚信,关注细节。
    Good communication and interpersonal skills, Integrity and ethics and detail oriented.
  4. 良好的英语阅读,书写能力。
    Ability to read and write English preferred.
  5. 熟练使用计算机办公软件。
    Use office software fluently.

Primary Location
China-Zhejiang-Hangzhou-200, 4 Hao Da Jie
AMO (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (7077)
Job Function
Quality Control
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