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Area Sales Manager

Madrid, Spain
Selling MD&D

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905730172W

The sales group has a principal function to act together with Healthcare Professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) and with the specialized professional distributors, to provide our product and services.


The Area Sales Manager (ASM) assumes the promise to ensure the specific goals of the group, while maintaining an effective and efficient job of: Implementation, tracking and execution of our commercial plans in the territory and with knowledge of the entire situation, market, products, services and our competition. Developing promotional activities within his/her area of responsibility. Capturing and communicating the desires of everyone we serve. You must act in accordance with general norms of the company and close cooperation with other ASM’s and with Marketing, Customer Service, and the management to execute the global goals of the company.



  • Contribute to the achievement of Company objectives (financial and non-financial) in the short, medium and long term in general and specifically those of his/her area of responsibility.
  • Cooperate in developing the sales plan with other ASM’s including redistribution by area and policy incentives tied to it, always in line with direction of Company Business Plan.
  • Ensure the development of the sales plan, through coordination and proper management of his/her sales team, with regular contact with customers of the Company
  • Maintain the preparation process of records and data required for the development of our work continuously updated
  • Establish and implement a system of continuous measure of achieving sales results and arbitrate or propose, depending on their nature, corrective actions if there are deviations.
  • Ensure that his/her sales team interprets client’s requirements and permanently assess the situation on an ongoing environment and its possible evolution, including in this assessment other companies of our activity. He/She will also develop ways for better communicate this afore information to the competent areas of the Company.
  • Make sure that his/her sales team maintains and enhances the image of the Company in its territory.
  • Ascertain his/her sales team uses all the promotional materials, samples and instruments, in strict compliance with business plans. It also assumes responsibility for all the assets made available to each delegate for their work (car, computer, fax, etc.). is maintained in perfect condition.
  • Encourage personal and professional development of all his/her team proposing general and individualized solutions when appropriate
  • Participate actively in local and international meetings of the company and cooperate in conducting possible training courses or re-training for internal or external clients.
  • Maintain a cordial and fluid communication with the persons responsible for related activities in other EMEA countries, the parent company, and even in other franchises of our Legal Entity.
  • Collaborate on any other task that, without undermining the development of its principal functions, may be required by the management of the Company, the Legal Entity or the Corporation.
  • Establish the necessary relationship with the Autonomous Regions (Regiões Autónomas)




  • The person occupying this post will hold knowledge and practical experience in the commercial field, as well as expertise at a senior level in health, particularly in the basics of Diabetes Mellitus and specifically on the techniques and products for self-blood glucose
  • Have a significant capacity for leadership, coordination and motivation of the team working under his responsibility.
  • Will be capable for showing great skills in organizing and planning.
  • Holder of a great capacity for transmitting ideas and strategic vision for the future.
  • Will have an appreciable extent of charisma to maintain the personal relationships that the performance of his job requires.
  • Good level of English language.

Primary Location
Spain-Community of Madrid-Madrid-
Johnson & Johnson, S.A. (8500)
Job Function
Selling MD&D
Requisition ID