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Immunology Team Leader

Cairo, Egypt
Selling Pharmaceutical

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905719488W

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Johnson & Johnson Middle East. is recruiting for an Immunology Team Leader to be located in Cairo, Egypt

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Sector Overview

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson, provides medicines for an array of health concerns in several therapeutic areas, including: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cardiovascular disease, general medicine (acid reflux disease, infectious diseases), mental health (bipolar I disorder, schizophrenia), neurologics (Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, migraine prevention and treatment), pain management, and women’s health. Our ultimate goal is to help people live healthy lives. We have produced and marketed many first-in-class prescription medications and are poised to serve the broad needs of the healthcare market – from patients to practitioners, from clinics to hospitals. For more about Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, visit

Job description for Team leader – EGYPT:

The main task of a TL in Janssen Egypt is to lead MRs or PSs that represent Janssen in front of Health care professionals making sure Janssen products are used based in their own merit respecting all Credo obligations.

The details of the Job description are as follows:

Key responsibilities:

  • Team leader is required to coach direct reports making sure that interactions with HCPs are following the quality and quantity rules mandated by CVT strategy.
  • TL is required to check that promotion of Janssen products is respecting all compliance regulations and within the requirements of Egyptian law.
  • TL will verify that presentations made by his/her team to HCPs are using approved materials and following company processes.
  • TL is accountable on achieving sales and market share targets assigned by his superiors.
  • TL is required to verify that accounts visits are performed correctly extending to following up consumption at pharmacy level, organizing promotional scientific meeting and establishing Janssen image as a scientific transformational innovator within her team assigned accounts.
  • TL is accountable on checking that his /her team is visiting private street pharmacies linked to accounts or big chain pharmacies or close to a key physicians clinic. The objective of pharmacy visits is to ensure Janssen products are available and obtain consumption information within J&J compliance rules and Egyptian law.
  • TL is responsible on following up sales & stocks of his/her team accounts (hospitals, pharmacies etc.) on regular basis making sure sales are maximized and that all sales processes were done respecting J&J compliance rules and Egyptian law.
  • TL is responsible for following up IMS data, analyzing information about competition and taking actions in alignment with her boss to maximize products performance.
  • TL is accountable on following up that team is fulfilling all CRM system KPIs including but not limited to: Updating database, correct & accurate reporting of visits to HCPs, coaching days, continuous improvement of qualitative performance. It is the duty of SM/TL to check and verify that team visits were performed according to data team inserted in CRM system.
  • TL is required to feed his superiors and CVT with business intelligence obtained through compliant channels according to J&J guidelines and Egyptian law.
  • TL is required to update his knowledge about assigned products and disease area according to superiors’ expectations.
  • TL is required to organize in collaboration with medical team activities or quizzes to ensure highest level of scientific knowledge and updated compliant data.
  • TL is required to report regularly on team performance, results of coaching, capabilities level of team, activities performed, competitive situation and customer feedback.
  • TL is required to attend all assigned trainings and to capture learnings showing improvement in technical and compliance performance. TL has to verify that team has done the same.
  • TL is accountable on verifying that team is organizing assigned activities respecting all compliance rules and using correctly CRM system as stipulated in related SOP.
  • TL should respect all pharmacovigilance rules notifying within company regulations about Adverse Events & Product Quality Complaints.TL should verify that team is following same rule.
  • TL is required to analyze sales data regularly and monitor any selling activities that might deviate from Janssen Egypt compliance norms. TL is accountable on sales activities performed allover territory as long as sales data has reached him/her.
  • TL is accountable for conducting regular 1:1 feedback sessions with his /her team to give accurate, objective & timely feedback about all aspects of performance. TL will drive performance management process of direct reports making sure that team performance ratings reflect reality.
  • TL is accountable to follow all company procedures related to correct hiring and termination of employees in collaboration with Talent acquisition and Human Resources teams.

Expected Behaviors & Skills:

  • TL should behave according to Credo and J&J leadership imperatives.
  • TL should be highly aware of all factors affecting his territory & accounts performance, reporting to his superiors and team all information affecting business results.
  • TL should show high sense of urgency and ability to act on business opportunities using her analytical skills and disciplined execution.
  • TL should show collaborative behavior and ability to work in a team contributing in his team business
  • TL is required to be competitive always striving to push his product to leadership position following compliance rules.
  • TL is required to report information affecting Janssen image or any misconduct by any internal or external stakeholder that might affect company image or performance.



Job requirements:

  • Graduate of medical sciences background (Medical- Dentistry-Veterinary- Pharmacy)
  • Finished or exempted obligations towards governmental or military service
  • Full compliance with J&J regulations concerning disclosure of conflicts of interests
  • Has spent in Janssen Egypt a duration not less than 2 years
  • Has required leadership capabilities as per job requirements
  • Has strong record of success demonstrated by performance rating in previous job.

Activities focus:

Main Interactions:


National Sales Manager

Sales Force

Product Manager

CVT members





Private & Public Hospitals


Primary Location
Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. (7555)
Job Function
Selling Pharmaceutical
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