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【Janssen】Oncology BU, Translator

Chiyoda, Japan

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905714866W

Interpreter/Translator for the head of Solid Tumor Business Unit 
Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.

◆Job Description
-Interpret communications between parties who speak Japanese and English in meetings organized or attended by the BU head who speak English as a first language. (Both directions)
-Translate internal documents to be presented at the meetings. (Both directions) 
-Provide logistic support for the BU head during his business trip in Japan. 
-Work closely with stakeholders and provide necessary coordination for translation and interpreting service. 

-Possessing a High School Diploma

-Fluent both in English and Japanese

◆Interpretation styles
-Consecutive, whispering with guiding transmitters and receivers, and simultaneous interpretation at the booth. 

固形腫瘍事業本部 事業本部長付き 通訳/翻訳担当者

-事業部内に発生する翻訳業務(会議資料の翻訳 日英双方向)


-英語・日本語 双方向

-逐次通訳、簡易同時通訳装置を用いた同時通訳 同時通訳ブースでの同時通訳

-At least 5 years’ experience in interpreting in a corporate environment. (Count one year of experience as an English-speaking assistant who also provided interpreting service as 0.5 years) 
-Experience of any job in pharmaceutical industry is preferable

-Having had training in interpreting schools. 
-Having passed Grade 2 of Test of Business Interpreting Skills (Grade 1 is preferable)

-Two or more domestic *business trips per month (two to three consecutive days a week)
 *Successful candidate needs to participate the business/client meeting and the business dinner.
-Need to interpret simultaneously for maximum 2 hours alone.
-Successful candidate is required to work overtime if necessary.


-TOBIS ビジネス通訳検定2級または同程度必須 1級尚可

-宿泊出張を伴う(月2回 2泊3日~3泊4日)

Primary Location
Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K. (7195)
Job Function
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