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Operator Intern

Suzhou, China

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805700400W

  • Start up and run CNC machine in a safe and effective manner that ensures maximum performance and longevity of equipment; / 以安全和有效的方式启动和运行CNC车床,确保机器高效持久运行;
  • Follow manufacturing specifications to consistently produce products to the required quality standard; / 遵循生产技术规范,始终生产符合质量标准的产品;
  • With the assist of  setter /engineer to modify the machine settings to compensate for tool adjustments and renewal, or for material variations; /,在刀具调节和更新或物料变化时, 在换型人员或者工程师的指导下修改机器设置;
  • Operate ancillary equipment such as bar feeders or internal probes in line with specifications; / 按照技术规范操作辅助设备例如棒料送料器或内部探针;
  • Down load CNC programs from / to an external PC or control system; / 自/至外部PC或控制系统下载CNC程序;
  • Change over jigs and fixtures and ensure they are stored and controlled to prevent damage or incorrect use; / 转换治具和夹具,放置和控制好确保防止损坏或不当使用;
  • Follow quality specifications to consistently produce products to the required tolerances and specifications, report to cell leader for quality issue as required; / 遵循质量规范始终按照要求的公差和规范生产产品,按要求将质量问题报告给生产线主管;
  • Comply with all aspects of good manufacturing practice to maintain full material and product traceability; / 遵守生产管理规范的所有方面,维护全部物料和产品可追溯性;
  • Accurately record job transactions and WIP monitoring; / 精确记录工作处理和工作中监控;
  • Other job assign by cell leader. / 生产线主管分配的其它工作。

  • Basic mathematical skills and understanding of drawing tolerances / 基本数学能力和对图纸公差的了解
  • Knowledge of MPS and QPS system / 生产技术规范和质量技术规范系统的了解
  • Basic understanding of machining principles including tool life management/加工原则的基本了解,包括刀具寿命管理
  • Understanding of GMP requirements / 了解生产管理规范的要求
  • Understanding of company quality system / 了解公司质量体系
  • experiences in CNC or a machining discipline / 在CNC或机加工行业经验
  • Basic mathematics skills / 基本数学能力
  • Rework & Reject procedure / 返工和报废程序
  • Operator Inspection / 操作员自检
  • DCS job recording training / 检验记录培训
  • Better to have no daltonism / 最好无红绿色盲

Primary Location
China-Anhui-Suzhou-No. 299, Changyang Street, Suzhou Industrial Park
Johnson & Johnson Medical Suzhou Ltd. (7054)
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