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[Janssen] Head of Medical Affairs, Actelion

Seoul, South Korea
Medical Affairs

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805691005W

Actelion is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. We are the recognized global leader in pulmonary arterial hypertension, a serious condition affecting the pulmonary arteries and the right side of the heart, which must pump blood to the lungs against increased resistance. Our understanding of the complex pathways and molecular mechanisms of this disease has enabled us to develop tailored medicines to improve patient outcomes and make a difference for people around the world living with this disorder.


Actelion Korea, we have established and maintains our leadership position with strong double-digit growth in Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) as a sixth therapeutic area (TA) of focus of Janssen. Through Janssen’s and our science and patient focus, we are excited to bring ground-breaking innovation to more Pulmonary Hypertension patients in need.

1. Position: Head of Medical Affairs

2. Sector: 악텔리온코리아
3. Location: 서울시 강남구


Directs the operational function in medical affairs to achieve organizational objectives. Responsible for the design, development and implementation of programs related to educational, promotional and reporting materials for products related to Phase IIIb, Phase IV trials, solicited and non-solicited studies, publications, and so on.


1) Manages the design and implementation plans of medical affairs strategy and program, including identification of critical paths, budget development and tracking of all projects.

2) Manages and delegates work of direct reports and establishes accountability for assignments.

3) Manages creation of educational, promotional and reporting materials for use by internal stakeholders.

4) Manages medical education, publication planning, preparation and review.

5) Supports technical training needs of partners and manages review of promotional material.

6) Engages Key Opinion leaders, Professional Societies, Payers and Providers to understand trends in care, uncover critical insights 

7) Implements plans for clinical trials, including protocol, staffing and budgeting as it relates to business initiatives.

8) Ensures that trials/registries are conducted according to all applicable guidelines, regulations, company procedures and high ethical/quality standards.

9) Implements policies and procedures for development and provision of medical and technical information pertaining to the company's products for internal use by customer and by government.

10) Manages budget, contract negotiation and oversight of vendor activities.

11) Executes the company's drug surveillance/product safety program which includes following up on adverse reaction reports.

12) Maintains collaborative working relationship between medical affairs and internal stakeholders to deliver timely and expert support to product development.


· Scientific Medical Degree, PhD, PharmD or equivalence

· Experience in professionals working environment in the pharmaceutical or related industries is preferred

· More than 3 years of experience in pharmaceutical Medical Affairs is preferred

· Understanding of local regulatory policy and industry’s code of practice related to drug registration, pharmaceutical promotion and clinical study

· Experience in clinical practice in Cardiovascular or Internal Medicine is preferred

· Good command of English communication skill

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Primary Location
South Korea-Kangnam-ku-Seoul-
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Korea Ltd (8249)
Job Function
Medical Affairs
Requisition ID