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CGA manager (for OTC)

Beijing, China; Beijing, China
Government Affairs

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• 及时了解医保、卫生、药监等部门政策的进展及行业信息,分析对公司OTC等普药产品的影响。 30%
Keep abreast of the progress of the policies of the medical insurance, health, drug supervision and other departments and industry information, and analyze the impact on the company's OTC products.
• 维护畅通的内、外部沟通平台,保证及时有效地传达政策信息、反馈诉求,共同营造利于发展的政策环境。 30%
Maintain a smooth internal and external communication platform to ensure timely and effective communication of policy information and feedback, and jointly create a policy environment conducive to development.
• 为其他部门制定策略提供政策支持,提供合理化建议。 20%
Provide policy support for other departments to develop strategies and provide rationalization advice.
• 参与并协调公司相关部门共同解决突发事件,如:消费者投述、供货不足、产品上市及退市等。 10%
• Participate in and coordinate with relevant departments of the company to solve emergencies, such as: consumer complaints, insufficient supply, product launch and delisting, etc.
• 参加内外部会议,并提供政策培训。 10%
Participate in internal and external meetings and provide policy training .
• 资料分析和解读
Analysis and interpretation of policy
• 跨职能合作
Cross function collaboration
• 业务洞察力
Business insight
• 评估能力
Evaluation ability
• 内部和外部沟通能力、敏锐度、分析能力、问题解决能力
Internal and External communication ability, Sensitive, Analysis ability, problem solving
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Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (7048)
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Government Affairs
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