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R&D Principal Scientist - Clinical

Shanghai, China

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805682919W

 Clinical Study Sponsor Representative: As a study manager or director to plan, develop, conduct, analyse and issue reports on Clinical studies through strategically partner with Baby/Beauty Franchises on global projects to shape and drive high quality and efficient study approach with scientific interpretation of results. Lead communication of key project performance results and identifying/ articulating clinical insights to direct technology & product development, and ensuring SOP compliance, efficiency, visibility and no delays to launch. Acting as APAC clinical need states DRI and potentially global clinical DRI for global projects.
 Fundamental Research: Lead clinical research initiatives from plan to report, lead the discussion with multi-function and other technology groups within the Global Skin Care business, to bring research understanding into business application and publication in impactful journal and congress.
 External outreach: Collaborate with external subject matter experts such as dermatologists/Hospitals or research agencies to deliver the clinical test results and intellectual property. Collaborate, develop and qualify external institutions methodology and capabilities.
 Innovation: Play a key role in developing new methods/models and new ways to visualize/communicate clinical results with custom focus and explore innovation models to bring efficiency to the process under compliance to be adding value to the organization.
 Talent Development: Train outsourced Study Managers and CRAs on Clinical study management and monitoring, to achieve people development and make sure compliance and efficient implementation in multiple sites. 

  • 学历要求education level : requirement: Bachelor degree above, clinical/biology background
  • 工作经验 working experience:                                        
  1. PhD-2+year, MS-3+years, BS-5 years skin clinical experience
  • 能力要求capability requirements
  1. Primary初级水平
  1. Intermediate
  • 中级水平
  1. Senior
  • 高级水平

1.Statistics Knowledge (including related software)

  1. X

2.GCP and GLP Knowledge

  1. X
  1. 3. Skin Physiology and Instrumentation ( including new technology) Skills
  1. X
  1. 4.Project management
  1. X
  1. 5.Formulation
  1. X
  1. 6.Meeting management/External Contacts
  1. X
  1. 7.Innovation
  1. X
  1. 8.Compliance to SOPs and Guidelines
  1. X
  1. 9.Consumer Knowledge
  1. X
  1. 10.Analytical Thinking, Initiative, Attention to Detail, Collaboration
  1. X
  1. 11.English Skills
  1. X
  1. 12. Talent Development
  1. X

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson (China) Ltd. (7047)
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