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Engineer II Maintenance

Hangzhou, China
Facilities (Eng)

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805674291W

设备维护与维修  Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

  1. 快速排除生产设备的设备故障。
Perform quick troubleshooting to all the production equipment.
  1. 按时完成生产设备的预防性维护保养工作。
Provide preventive maintenance service to all the production equipment on time.

技术支持Technique support:

  1. 提供生产设备方面的技术支持,不断改善生产设备的服务能力。
Technical support and continuous improve the production capacity to all production equipment.
  1. 支持新设备、新工艺、新产品的引入。
Support to introduce new equipment, new product and new process
  1. 执行设备改造和引进等相关项目的运作和处理;
Handle the projects with related to equipment upgrade or introduction;
  1. 完成设备相关的调查,分析以及解决计划的制定和执行;
Accomplish the investigation, analysis and resolution plan based on the quality requirement;

备件管理Spare part Management:

  1. 负责生产设备的备件管理,保持生产设备有合理的备件。
Spare parts management and inventory control to the production equipment.
  1. 负责对生产设备备件进行采购选型和协调本地机加工。
Inquire the spare part from the vendor, and coordinate mechanic processing in local.

  1. 自动化专业,电气工程或其他相关专业专科及以上学历。
    College degree of automation, electrical engineering or related at least.
  2. 制药、食品或饮料制造行业3年以上机器安装或维护经验。
    Have a minimum of 3 years machine set-up or maintenance experience in pharmaceutical, food or beverage manufacturing equipment.
  3. 熟悉Siemens和 AB PLC编程,并有相关项目经验者佳
    Good knowledge of Siemens and AB PLC coding, and experience in related project is preferred.
  4. 具有GMP和EHS经验者佳。
    GMP and EHS experience is preferred.
  5. 具无菌技术操作经验者佳。
    Experience in aseptic technique is preferred.

Primary Location
AMO (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (7077)
Job Function
Facilities (Eng)
Requisition ID