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Manufacturing Engineer

Suzhou, China
Process Engineering

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805673287W

  • Plan, design, develop and implement manufacturing process. 计划,设计,开发和实施制造工艺
  • Optimize and improve manufacturing process. 优化和改进制造工艺
  • Introduce advanced methodology to the site. 向工厂引进先进制造方法
  • Calculate current capacity, plan future capacity by forecast. 计算当前产能,根据预测计划未来产能
  • Define equipment’s configuration; introduce equipment by working with Purchasing, I/E, Facility, Maintenance, Quality; finish EVA and work instruction before handing it to Production. 定义设备配置;通过采购,I / E,设备,维护,质量等方式引入设备; 在移交生产前完成EVA和工作指导。
  • Design jig and fixture; modify or manufacture or purchase them; set up management system to ensure that they are properly used in the shop floor. 设计夹具及其固定装置; 进行修改,制造或购买; 建立管理系统,确保其在车间妥善使用。
  • Calculate, record, report capital investment and saving projects’ financial data. 计算,记录,报告投入资本和保存项目的财务数据。
  • Support and incorporate lean concept into manufacturing processes. 支持精益理念并将其纳入制造工艺
  • Ensure all manufacturing solutions meet all corporate and regulatory requirements for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. 确保所有的制造方案符合所有公司以及质量,健康,安全和环境法规的要求。
  • Conduct root cause analysis on non-conformance, initiate and co-ordinate improvement plans. 对不合规根本原因进行分析,启动和协调改进计划。
  • Support problem solving activities to ensure adherence to production schedules. 解决生产问题,以确保遵守生产计划。
  • Carry out such further tasks that may be delegated by line manager. 执行可能由直线经理委托的进一步任务。
  • Take the leadership to meet the challenge, seek the improvement opportunity, and share the best practice within the team. 带头迎接挑战,寻求改进机会,分享团队中的最佳实践。

  • Strong technical skills  较强的专业技术能力
  • Strong work ethic    强大的职业道德
  • Influencing Skills    影响力技能
  • Negotiating Skills    谈判技能
  • Effective Communicator  有效沟通能力
  • Planning & Organizing Skills   计划和组织能力
  • Judgment     决断力
  • Fair & Reasonable Approach   公平合理
  • Confidentiality     保密性
  • Customer and Quality focus    对客户和质量的关注
  • Strong ability to work in a cross functional structure  在跨职能结构中有很强的工作能力
  • Degree in Mechanical/Production Engineering or 3 years’ experience and demonstrated skills 取得机械/生产工程专业的学位或有3年的工作经验和技能
  • Statistics and Process capability 统计和加工能力
  • Project Management 项目管理能力
  • English at a business level  具有一定的商务英语水平

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson Medical Suzhou Ltd. (7054)
Job Function
Process Engineering
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