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Leiden, Zuid Holland
Production Maintenance


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Within Janssen Biologics B.V. a team of MO’s is accountable and responsible for the maintenance strategy of all utility systems and the production equipment park. Each MO is responsible (ownership) for a selected part of the utility systems or production equipment park. All accountability and responsibilities described below are applicable to the utilities or production equipment the MO is responsible for. The accountability and responsibility includes but is not limited to:
  • Reliability of the applicable utility or production equipment (RCM);
  • Day to Day preventive and corrective maintenance;
  • Financial control;
  • Maintenance strategy for new equipment;
  • GMP, ISO and EH&S Compliance
The maintenance strategy is determined by the Reliable Centered Maintenance (RCM) process. Preventive versus corrective maintenance and the availability of spare parts is based on risk. The categories taken into the risk account are Safety, Environment, Costs, Quality and throughput. The MO is responsible for the reliability of the utility or process equipment and process related to it.  This means timely performance of the RCM review and version control of the related PMP’s and forms

The MO works closely together with a technical owner, a system owner and the user of the applicable utility systems or equipment. Together with possible other disciplines they form an asset team. The asset team is responsible for current and future state of systems and equipment. This means reliable equipment, but also a 5-year replacement plan and introduction of new techniques and technologies. New equipment is typically introduced via project management. The MO is either team member or extended team member and is responsible for the maintenance strategy of the new equipment.

The MO responsible for utility systems is also the back-up for the system owner.
Preventive and corrective maintenance is controlled in SAP. Each day the maintenance owner is responsible to control the open SAP orders. This means control on initiation, preparation, agreed work hours, execution, including checks in the field, safety and costs. Before an order can be closed the MO needs to review to check for agreement (TECO in SAP).

The MO is responsible for a yearly cost (OPEX) estimate and subsequently the control of the budget for his / her utilities or equipment.

The MO is responsible to apply to GMP and ISO compliance and EH&S policies. He/she needs to resolve issues of GMP, ISO and EH&S and needs to understand the implications of deviations. He/she applies the knowledge and policies to implement and drive GMP, ISO and EH&S improvement initiatives.

  • The MO should be able to modify and create technical documentation according to associated procedures
  • He/she needs to have good writing skills in Dutch and English and be able to apply technical writing knowledge
  • The MO should be able to apply basic continuous improvement and problem-solving tools. This includes, but is not limited to troubleshooting and root cause analyzing tools, FMCA,  Lean  and DMAIC methodology.
  • The MO works in corporation with customers, main contractors, peers and leaders and needs to have good communications skills
  • He/she should be able to apply change management to activities and situations associated with Process, system or equipment changes.
  • The MO is expected to work at an independent level
  • He/she should be able to plan his /her own work and escalate when issues can’t be resolved within his/her own level of control

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Production Maintenance
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