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Staff Process Technology Engineer

Geel, Belgium
Industrial Manufacturing

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805666842W

The Johnson & Johnson family of companies is globally active in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Consumer Health Care. We employ over 128,000 professionals in 60 countries and they all have the same credo ‘Caring for the world, one person at a time’. We embrace research and science - bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well-being of billions of people.

Janssen Pharmaceutica joined the Johnson & Johnson group in 1961. Today, Janssen Pharmaceutica is one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world and employs more than 4,000 professionals in Belgium. Our research and development centre develops products for a wide range of disease areas, such as mental disorders, neurological problems, infectious diseases, immunological disorders, cancer, and cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.

A. Context and definition

Department:      Make Asset Management (MAM), Geel

The ultimate goal of MAM Geel is to be a technological/technical solutions provider for the Development and Production of small molecule API’s, focusing on process installations. MAM Geel leads or supports the following business processes, always in close collaboration with other functions such as Production, Compliance, Development/DPDS, TechOps:

  • Master planning of facilities, infrastructure and equipment, including capital portfolio management;
  • Site project prioritization and program management;
  • Capital projects management: problem definition, business case development and selection of alternatives, implementation, resource management, document management, and after care;
  • New Technologies, including scouting and pilot implementations;
  • Compliance, qualification, periodic review;
  • Knowledge Management (process technologies);
  • Maintenance and lifecycle management of process installations

All of this is embedded in an environment characterized by high investment levels, increasing complexity and need for external collaboration, and an increasing need for new technologies and innovation. Within the Janssen Supply Chain, MAM is a critical partner with respect to the evaluation and introduction of new process technologies for small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (SM API) in Development and Production.

B. Job

The current job opening is situated in the area of new process technologies and innovation; general activities include:

  • Identification and evaluation of new process technologies for Development (DPDS) and for Janssen Supply Chain (JSC);
  • Introduction of new technology platforms in DPDS and JSC;
  • Identification of opportunities to increase process efficiency by technological modifications, innovation and process optimization
  • Project lead of small and midsize study projects (opex) with focus on process and technology investments;
  • Study work in development and commercial production;
  • Active member or lead of international and cross JSC/DPDS expert teams to drive technological solutions and vision
  • Scope is the full API SM platform, aligned with the One Plant principles. Expertise of this role is to be leveraged across all sites in the platform.

More specifically, the job owner will take up a role in the Solid-Liquid Separation & Drying (SLS&D) Stronghold as a drying expert. Specific roles & responsibilities include:

  • Pick up technical expert role and ownership for dryers
  • Interface with the API SM platform SLS&D team and lead the Geel site Competence Group on SLS&D
  • Support capability build on dryers in collaboration with global partners and monitor internal capability level
  • On short term: assure dryer reliability and use expertise for 3rd line issue resolution. Supporting new product introductions on dryers from an equipment perspective
  • On long term: improvement of Safety (e.g. expert in Hazop sessions); Compliance (qualification, audits), Costs (define standards, gatekeeping, initiate cost improvement projects) and Capabilities (technology scouting, dryer roadmap, matching future product portfolio)

In addition to the tasks above, the job of technology engineer will be complemented with other (temporary) assignments. Specific examples may include:

  • Support for the design and/or execution of the PAT roadmap
  • portfolio management and execution of technology studies for our Miniplant and Pilot Plant
  • Apply Simulation Tools for engineering projects (pressure drops, dispersion simulations…)
  • Expand expertise on flow reactors…

C. Profile
  • Master or PhD in Engineering or Science (Chemistry/Process Technology) or equivalent curriculum
  • Ability to efficiently interface with and execute/coordinate technology study work and optimization projects in both an development and a commercial production environment
  • Coordination of and collaboration with a wide variety of internal and external people and resources, strong networker across the API SM Platform
  • Multi-project management
  • Ability to work on both short and long-term objectives
  • Good documentation and knowledge management skills
  • End-to-end thinking and flexibility in terms of asset base, digitalisation and data analysis.

For this position, a strong interest in drying technology is required and a more profound expertise is certainly an asset. This includes basic drying process understanding (balling-up, drying curve, end-point detection…) and elaborate equipment understanding (horizontal, vertical dryers, centrifuge dryers, with/out vacuum control, mechanical seals, agitators, choppers, nitrogen flow…)

Candidates with a moderate expertise level in drying today, are familiar with least one (and preferably more) of the following other competence areas:

  • Reactor technology (batch/continuous)
  • API particle tuning (control of physical and chemical API properties)
  • API purification
  • Solid-Liquid separation
  • Process Analytical Tools (PAT)

Primary Location
Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. (7555)
Job Function
Industrial Manufacturing
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