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Market Research


Requisition ID: 1805665120W

In order to become top company in utilizing business analytics in digital marketing field we have created new Digital Analyst position.
Key responsibility of the Digital Analyst includes providing multi-channel analysis (F2F / Web / Emails / Webinar), digital customer behavior analytics (including Web Analytics), Dashboard Design, Business Case (such as Cost-per-Acquisition/Conversion), and competitiveness analysis. The person in Analyst role will be leading advanced analytics to answer many key business questions arises from our internal customers.
This is unique opportunity for anyone would like to advance in their career as not only data scientist, but also as general manager. Member of SPG must explore new CRM/SFE/Digital analytical techniques such as AI and machine learnings, to build a highly statistical model that foresees future and provide strong decision-making tools to run the business more effective and efficiently.
In more detail, roles and responsibility will include followings:
  • Conduct and present multi-channel analysis to generate insights / recommendation in collaboration with Digital Excellence team and Sales Excellence team
  • Responsible for situational analysis obtaining insights from digital landscape as well as from our internal own media engagement metrics.
  • Develop a model to measure return on investments for digital activities to help convert the digital marketing team to become a profit or revenue generating center.
  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with other key stakeholders to understand the needs in the organization and take neccessary action
  • Analyze the results of action, provide key findings on what worked and what needs to be improved, and recommend next actions.
  • Conduct analysis to support developing Sales Incentive index that is tied with digital initiatives.
  • Define requirements for reporting data, dashboards and work with key stakeholders to develop and maintain regular reports and dashboards.
  • Design and conduct primary market research if needed, with support of market research team
  • Design and conduct usability testing
  • Identify what data should be used for business analytics from various sources, including one that is not used currently
  • Continuously train in latest analytic / AI methodologies for current and future use
  • Have right process in place to be efficient on understand the business needs, design the analysis and communicate the key findings to related stakeholders
  • Work with third party vendor to outsource if analytical capability does not exist in current organization

<Work Experience>
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Around 5 years of work experience in analytics, data engineering, business intelligence, market research or related field
  • Around 2-3 years of experience working in analytics in digital marketing field, at least 1 year+ Adobe / Google Analytics experience
  • Experience in leading cross functional project
  • Experience working in international environment
  • Experience in digital channel related IT projects
<Required skills and capabilities>
  • Strong analytic and qualitative/quantitative research capabilities.
  • Advanced analysis/statistic knowledge and skills and experience.
    (Excel, Access, R, Adobe / Google Analytics, other statistic program)
  • High-level of leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Presentation skill
  • Strong communication skill
  • Ability to work in ambiguity
  • Business English skill in both writing and speaking
  • Business English TOEIC: 800 and above
  • 自らゴールを設定してそれに向かって課題を解決していける人
  • ベーシックなマーケティング知識、業界知識
  • 知的好奇心、Professionalismがある
  • チームワークを大切にし、チームで動くことが得意・好きである
  • 多様な部門から集まる人で構成されたプロジェクトチームのメンバーとして与えられたタスクを遂行できる
  • 明確な解決策やゴールがない中でも、自ら考えてスピード感を持って行動できる

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