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The role of BI Excellence Group (BIExG) is to collect and manage date to provide the organization with easy and timely access to the data in appropriate formats which includes performance monitoring dashboard, analyst report, strategic recommendation report.
BIExG should create and promote data driven culture in the organization and to enhance BI capability by providing strong data support to all levels of decision makers, from senior managements to the sales reps in the field, so that they are able to make the best decisions with all data and insights we have.
The person in this role will be leading and managing activities to define and implement to-be BI process from operation to management in close collaboration with leaders across the related projects and project management office in the division. This BI process transformation initiative has a great significance for us with the aspiration to build one of the most competitive and efficient BI team in the industry.
Hence, the person in this role would have high visibility in the organization through periodic reporting of the project status and presentation to senior managements. Also, it is expected to be a future leader of the BIExG to lead 4-5 team members once he/she has proven the strong leadership through this assignment.
In more detail, roles and responsibility will include followings:
  • Lead and manage BI Process Excellence activities as a project leader
  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders to understand the needs and opportunities for improvement
  • Develop efficient and effective solutions for identified challenges
  • Orchestrate multiple actions in line with other projects running in parallel and support the implementation of new process from holistic standpoint in the organization
  • Design and lead the change management process and ensure the new process are fully embedded in the organization in most effective way
Monitor the progress of the improvement to take corrective actions with agility when needed
<Work Experience>
  • More than 3 years of experience working either in consulting or pharmaceutical industry
  • Experience of issue analysis based on quantitative and qualitative data and strategic recommendation generation based on it
  • Experience of project team leading in process improvement or organizational change projects as process team lead/PM support/PMO lead
<Preferred Experience>
  • Experience of working with IT for package solution implementation project
<Required skills and capabilities>
  • Project management skills
  • Strategic thinking and logical thinking
  • Qualitative/quantitative analysis capabilities
  • Presentation skill
  • Good level of leadership
  • Strong communication skill
  • Change management skill
  • English skill in both writing and speaking
  • 目的に対して自らタスクを設定できる
  • 解決策やゴールを自ら考えて、必要なアクションをスピード感を持って実行できる
  • 品質や時間のターゲットに対するコミットメント、Professionalismがある
  • チームワークを大切にし、チームで動くことが得意・好きである
  • 多様な部門から集まる人で構成されたプロジェクトチームを立ち上げからクロージングまでリードできる

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