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Manufacturing Engineer - Packaging

Suzhou, Jiangsu

Job Description

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  • In collaboration with Production and Quality, develop and maintain all packaging and labeling processes for all products groups和生产质量部门一起,开发和维护所有产品的包装和标签工艺
  • Work with related functions in China and/or oversea, ensure in-time and compliant start-up of manufacturing at Suzhou site和中国以及/或国外相关部门合作,确保苏州工厂启动项目的及时合规性
  • Support Manufacturing Engineers to maintain the item master, product routings and bills of material in the SAP system支持制造工程师维护SAP中主数据,产品流程和物料清单
  • Responsible for compiling all manufacturing procedures for packaging and labeling processes负责编写所有包装和标签的工艺文件
  • Deliver necessary training for workshop employees给现场的员工做必要的培训
  • In collaboration with the maintenance team, develop and implement Maintenance Excellence program和设备维护团队合作,开发和执行维护项目
  • Propose, develop or participate in continuous improvement initiatives, such as projects to improve quality, cost, delivery and efficiency建议,开发,参与持续改善,例如一些提高质量和效率,降低成本
  • Use methodology to improve processes and reduce non-value added waste and activities. (Including process FMEA, Predictive Indicator and use of statistical techniques使用一些方法论提供工艺和降低没有附加值的浪费(包含PEMEA和一些数理统计的技术方法)
  • Participate to identify capital spend and budget requirements识别资本花费和预算需求
  • Support capacity planning/ management, identify needs of new equipment or processes支持产能计划和管理,识别新设备或新工艺需求
  • Participate or lead the layout design / implementation for facility and equipment参与或指导设备设施的布局设计
  • Support R&D on new products development支持研发新产品的开发
  • In partnership with the Quality department, participate to the development of the quality system and its day to day implementation和质量部合作,参与开发质量体系确保日常执行
  • Understand the Quality philosophy based on FDA QSRs, ISO 9000 and CFDA requirements理解基于FSA QSRs, ISO9000和中国食品药品监督管理局要求的质量方针
  • Understand, compile and control non-conformance data and product traceability理解,符合,控制合规以及产品的追溯性

  • Packaging or assembly experience is required, medical device experience is preferred. 包装或装配经验,医疗行业经验优先
  • Basic skill for Auto CAD and other relevant Engineering software.Auto CAD或其他工程软件的基本技能
  • Knowledge of lean production and six sigma精益生产和6西格玛知识
  • Good communication and presentation skill好的沟通和表达技能
  • Basic project management skill 基本的项目管理技能

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson Medical Suzhou Ltd. (7054)
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