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Retail Country Director

Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City
Selling Consumer

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Johnson & Johnson is a leading and one of the largest healthcare companies in the world including three sectors: Pharmaceutical, Consumer and Medical Device & Diagnostics. We are well-known for QUALITY, an achievement brought about by careful planning, a conscious and consistent effort in using advanced manufacturing technology and providing excellent development opportunities for people to attain optimal performance. Our products are recognized in the worldwide market under the brands of JOHNSON's, CLEAN & CLEAR, MODESS, CAREFREE, LISTERINE, BAND-AID, and so on.


At Johnson & Johnson, our company's ethical character is defined by our people. We strive to attract people with strong, positive values, and we develop, reinforce and reward those values. Our special set of values is embodied in Our Credo, a respected, legendary document that has guided our company for almost 70 years. As our ethical framework, it outlines our responsibility to our customers, employees, communities and stockholders. As you get to know us, you'll realize that our people choose to live Our Credo - to work at making it vital day-in and day-out - not because it is required, but because it feels right. 

  • Directs the development and preparation of short-term and long-range sales/profitability and other goals plans and budgets based upon the broad Business Unit goals and growth objectives.
  • Develops and establishes Business Unit operating policies consistent with the policies and objectives as set by the top leadership in the organization and insures their execution. Appraises and evaluates the results of overall operations regularly and systematically and reports these results.
  • Directs and participates in acquisition and growth activities, including investigations, evaluations, and negotiations in accordance with Business Unit objectives.
  • Creates the structure and processes necessary to manage the organization's current activities and its projected growth. Maintains a sound plan of Business Unit organization, establishing policies to ensure adequate management development and to provide for capable management succession.
  • Ensures sound services and working relationships with key staff of important customers and vendors, with outside services such as consultants, legal counsel, advertising agencies, and regulatory agencies, and with outside public and governmental bodies.
  • Builds an engaged workforce and establish a plan for continuous staff development.
  • Leads and coaches the executive team.
  • Conducts business activities in compliance with ethics and legal requirements.

  • Generally requires 10-15 years related experience
  • Looks beyond the present situation to conceptualize key trends and identify changing market demands. Positions the organisation for the future, rather than simply for the moment. Maintains a broadly-based, systemic perspective on the business while understanding the long-term implications of immediate decisions and actions.
  • Draws accurate insights from market and business trends and grasps potential growth opportunities for the business unit. Creates business cases to impact the overall company’s bottom line.
  • Manages an optimized portfolio of account by actively developing and maintaining relationships with customers at all levels, investing time and effort to nurture the customers with short and long-term business perspective.
  • Acquires and maintains knowledge of the products, therapeutic areas, and disease conditions. Actively communicate with doctors and patients to understand more about their demands, as well as the related markets, influencers, and other stakeholders in the playing fields. Understands the impact and value that Janssen’s products could bring to the stakeholders.
  • Identifies desired performance results, establishes courses of actions and concentrates efforts to accomplish these results. Monitors progress and makes corrections when necessary, so as to contribute to financial and business results.
  • Builds broad-based support and/or persuades others in order to influence important outcomes. Assertively promotes the company to customers and to the community. Uses direct and indirect methods of persuading others’ decision making process.
  • Selects, positions and utilizes human, technological and fiscal resources to reach the company’s objectives. Recognizes and capitalizes on the strengths of others to match people to the jobs and accomplish the company’s objectives. Demonstrates an understanding of customers, programs and services. Demonstrates appropriate stewardship of organizational resources.
  • Seeks out creative solutions in reference to operations and business issues. Tries different and novel ways to deal with problems or promote the business. Thinks creatively and encourages innovation in others.
  • Seeks out, analyzes and integrates information from relevant sources, including past experiences, to make appropriate, objective and timely decisions. Sees the connections and patterns among components of multiple pieces of information to clarify complex decision options. Evaluates or considers the details of various alternatives without losing sight of the “big picture.”
  • Shows a competitive, “driven” attitude in approach to work. Establishes and/or utilizes specific measures of desired outcomes to assess performance. Strives for continuous improvement, enhanced quality and increased impact of the company’s programs, products, services and strategy implementation. Constantly raises the bar and presses self and others toward higher levels of achievement

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Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh City-Ho Chi Minh City
Johnson & Johnson (Vietnam) Co, Ltd (7338)
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Selling Consumer
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