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【Vision Care】C3PD Analyst OR Manager

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Sales Administration


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<General Summary>
Lead and manage standardized and qualified forecasting/budgeting/PDCA process across categories/channel, by taking a PMO (Project Management Office) and CoE (Center of Excellence) role in C3PD. This will ensure the leads, Sales team and cJLT to make holistic business decisions in a timely manner, towards the committed delivery. A primary DRI in C3PD for driving MOM (Monthly Operating Meeting), JU (June Update), BP (Business Planning) process, and Strat Plan as well as a liaison with multi-functions beyond CO&S (e.g. Sales, FIN and LPG)
<Duties& Responsibilities>
  • Initiate reviews of ongoing business progress and suggest C3PD leads (and other senior management) to make decision in a timely and most optimized manner towards the delivery of committed outcome
      • Conducts sales analysis for gaps and provide solid sales forecast (by category/by channel) in a timely manner, by fully consolidating data/info across functions (i.e.IBI , GSI, FIN and Sales)
      • Recommends C3PD leads to develop effective countermeasures, by deriving implications on  issues/opportunities leveraging company-wide expertise (i.e.IBI, GSI, Sales ,FIN, CE)
  • Initiate, manages and assures the quality of BP/Strat Plan budgeting process and output
      • Assesses business assumptions, provide supporting facts/analyses, helps to develop alternative scenarios and educates C3PD leads based on the latest market / customer /company status
      • Sets-up and navigates the budgeting process across C3PD, by offering standardized formats
      • Liaises with key stakeholders (e.g. FIN, CE) and ensure smooth and aligned process
Supports C3PD leads to prepare management update /review, by articulating messages together and /or enhancing storyline with key analyses/facts 

<Key Requirements>
  • Strong passion and drive for implementing innovation to win in the competitive market
  • A self-starter to proactively take actions and reach-out to key stakeholders before instructed
  • Fact-based logical thinking and principled – can challenge against senior management when needed
  • Solid skills for excel and basic skills for PPT – advanced analytical skill is a plus but not essential
  • A team player of good communication skills to engage, energize and harmonize cross-functional people
  • Familiar with JJVC business and/or forecasting& budgeting– over 5 year related experience (either sales, marketing, or finance) is preferred
  • Business level of English skills in writing, verbal communication and presentation

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Sales Administration
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