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Scientist Solid State - Structural Informatics

Beerse, Belgium

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805649419W

Pharmaceutical Sciences is a department in the Small Molecule Value Stream of Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Sciences (PDMS).  The department is responsible for:
  • Developability assessment of Discovery portfolio leads 
  • Definition of the drug product trajectory
  • Solid state form selection for the drug substance
  • Particle Characterization
  • Characterization of Drug Substance, Raw materials and Drug Product 

Your Function:
  • You will be a member of the ‘solid state selection and characterization’ group.  You will provide support for the solid state selection in a variety of projects within our portfolio.  You identify and mitigate risks/gaps related to the selected solid state form towards the formulation process.  Your knowledge on solid form landscape with structural informatics will provide support in the decision-making process. 
  • You will be responsible in developing structural informatics applied to the portfolio by implementing a strategy on selecting and using software packages combined with your computational skills. 
  • The basis of your work resides in having a good understanding of crystallography applied to organic molecules and its impact on solid form. Single crystal and X-ray powder diffraction analysis are techniques you are familiar with, in conjunction with spectroscopic techniques (IR, Raman, NMR). 
  • You will be the pillar in providing descriptive, applied state-of-the-art computational approaches and workflows to guide pharmaceutical solid state chemistry experiments.  
  • You strengthen the group by building solid expertise by the use of computational methods applied to the organic solid state. It is anticipated that you become a mentor to the solid state team members. 
  • You will support/troubleshoot API solid state selection when applicable with your computational skills. Creativity and out of the box thinking are two of your main strengths.
  • You have a basic understanding and some experience in setting up physical form screenings (polymorphs, salts and co-crystals). You can design experiments in order to understand relationships (conversion mechanisms) and stability of different polymorphic forms.  You perform experimental work in the lab and steer work in this area with internal/external partners.  The knowledge and use of hydrogen‐bonding analysis for assessment of physical stability of pharmaceutical solid forms is a plus.  You also guide junior scientist in this area.
  • With your understanding of single crystal information, you are able to provide guidance and support to the Crystallization Technology Unit in the development of crystallization processes, supporting crystal growth and morphology optimization.
  • You have a good understanding in a number of complementary analytical/solid state techniques (i.e., thermal analysis, DVS, particle size analyzer, spectroscopy…) and you have developed a clear understanding on the relationship between polymorphs and the specific API properties
  • Optional fields of interest: you may have awareness/experience with one of the following fields: integrating computational materials science tools in form and formulation design, force field parameters for small‐molecule conformation generation, crystal structure prediction, developments in prediction of solid‐state solubility and co-crystallization, molecular dynamics simulations of amorphous systems… 
  • You may have a good understanding of cheminformatics / machine learning for interpretation of API features and underlying chemistry.
  • You interact with internal stakeholders and work with them in cross-functional Drug Product Development, Analytical Development and Chemical Development teams.
  • You have a networking aptitude and collaborate with external partners (CRO’s, academia) to keep track of innovation in the field of structural informatics.

  • PhD in Engineering or in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Computational Chemistry/Physics, Chemistry (analytical/organic), Physics, or a related science. 
  • A few years of experience in one or more of the following areas: such as crystallization, computational experiments to aid solid form selection.
  • Basic knowledge in solid state characterization techniques (at API and/or drug product level)
  • An interest in implementing computational pharmaceutical solid state chemistry approaches dedicated to solving pharmaceutical challenges or related problems 
  • A strong aptitude for applying data science to deliver research solutions in these areas is required. 
  • Experienced user with one or more of the following: molecular mechanics, quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulation.
  • You are familiar/have used the standard packages associated to material sciences: Material studio, Cosmo-Rs, PC-SAFT
  • You have good project management skills as well as communication skills (oral and written) allowing effective interactions with all levels of the organization.
  • You are a team player, able to collaborate with different departments and with colleagues from the solid state selection group.
  • You are a mentor by nature and share knowledge enthusiastically.
  • Fluent English (both spoken and written), willing to learn basics of Dutch language.
This position will be based out of Beerse, Belgium.

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