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Senior Equipment Engineer

Suzhou, China
Facilities (Eng)

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805642706W

Provides specific technical expertise to support product and equipment improvements.

▪ 为产品和设备改进提供专业的技术支持

▪ Establishes specific manufacturing capability/ technology to support transfers and new product


▪ 建立特定的生产技术能力,完成产品转移和新产品引进项目

▪ Applies state–of-the art process technology to support improved customer service COGS reduction.

▪ 运用文件的工艺技术来支持改善售后服务,降低成本

▪ Establish local supplier network to assure world class quality, delivery and cost for components and


▪ 建立本地供应商网络来确保世界级的质量,交货期和控制材料部件成本。

▪ Provides technical input to special project teams; coordinates support to pilot operations as required.

▪ 为指定项目团队提供技术支持;如有需要,协调支持试生产

▪ Follow all company safety policies and other safety precautions within the work area.

▪ 遵守国家和公司的各项安全规定

▪ Supports supplier evaluations for major services/products as needed.

▪ 根据需要,进行供应商评估


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▪ Follow J&J Records Management Policies for Convenience Information, Records Retention Schedules, Training and Education, Document Hold Notices, Records Cleanout, Inactive Records and Information Management, Vital Records and third-party vendor if applicable.

▪ 遵守强生公司文档管理,信息安全,培训文档记录和保留,记录清除,未生效记录和信息管理,信息管理,重大事件记录和第三方供应商管理等等规定

▪ Other responsibilities may be assigned and not all responsibilities listed may be assigned.

▪ 其他未明确列出的其他分配给的规定

▪ This position travels occasionally.

▪ 本职位有时有出差要求

▪ May require International travel.

▪ 有可能需要国外出差


Bachelor of Science in Engineering or other technical discipline.

▪ 工科本科及其他相同的学历

▪ Fluent in English is preferred.

▪ 英语流利者优先

▪ GMP/ ISO knowledge preferred.

▪ 有GMP/ISO知识者优先

▪ Knowledge of product and process design and development, materials, standardization science and applied statistics.

▪ 掌握产品及工艺设计开发,原料,标准化及数据统计的知识

▪ Knowledge of analytical and statistical measurements systems and problem-solving techniques.

▪ 拥有分析和统计测量系统的知识以及问题解决技术能力

▪ Knowledge of word processing, data management, projects management, basic graphics, CAD, statistical analyses, and computer based process controllers (software and programming) preferred.

▪ 掌握文字处理,数据管理,项目管理,基本图形,CAD,统计分析以及电脑程序控制(软件和编程)者优先

▪ Advance technical training in area(s) of expertise preferred.

▪ 相关领域有过先进技术培训者优先

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson Medical Suzhou Ltd. (7054)
Job Function
Facilities (Eng)
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