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Process Engineer

Suzhou, China
Process Engineering

Job Description

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  • Responsible for providing technical expertise and leadership for daily manufacturing operations and ensuring established metrics (Production, Quality, Scrap and Cycle Time) are met.    负责对日常生产提供专业技术支援和领导, 保证达成各项设定的目标(如生产,质量,良品率,生产周期等)
  • Utilizes Process Excellence methodology and tools to identify and implement improvement projects geared to reduce cost, eliminate scrap, improve quality and minimize cycle time. 利用优良工艺控制的方法和工具,完成各项改善项目,达到降低成本,减少不良,提高质量,缩短生产周期等目标
  • Establishes specific manufacturing capability technology to support transfers and new product introduction.建立特定的生产技术能力,完成产品转移和新产品引进项目
  • Provides specific technical expertise to support special projects, pilot operations, product and process improvements; and also provides input to develop capital expense forecast and equipment/spare parts budgets to support business needs. 提供专业技术支援, 指导特定项目,试生产,生产和工艺改善,以及提供项目预算建议,设备及备件预算建议的事项
  • Identifies and develops corrective action plans to improve instruments reliability in the field.识别和制定生产工艺控制和仪表的改善,以提高生产线稳定性
  • Provides support to productinquiry investigations. 提供生产问题调查解决
  • Follow all company safety policies and other safety precautions within the work area. 遵守国家和公司的各项安全规定
  • Supports supplier evaluations for major services/products as needed.根据需要,进行供应商评估
  • Compliance with safety policies and procedures.遵守安全规定和流程
  • Ensures compliance with Environmental Management System (EMS) responsibilities.遵守环境管理规定
  • Follow J&J and EES Records Management Policies for Convenience Information, Records Retention Schedules, Training and Education, Document Hold Notices, Records Cleanout, Inactive Records and Information Management, Vital Records and third party vendor if applicable.遵守公司文档管理,信息安全,培训文档记录和保留等等规定,
  • Other responsibilities may be assigned and not all responsibilities listed may be assigned.未明确列出的其他分配给的规定
  • Provides and implements robust corrective actions to quality, safety and ergonomic risk detected in the manufacturing area.对生产发现的质量,安全,人机学等方面发现的问题进行改善
  • This position travels occasionally.  本职位有时有出差要求

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering or other technical discipline. 工科本科及其他相同的学历
  • Fluent in English is preferred.            英语流利者有限
  • GMP/ ISO knowledge preferred.        有GMP/ISO知识者优先
  • Knowledge of product and process design and development, materials, standardization science and applied statistics.    掌握产品及工艺设计开发,原料,标准化及数据统计的知识
  • Knowledge of project management and cost analysis preferred. 掌握项目管理和成本分析能力者优先
  • Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet analysis, data management, projects management, presentation graphics, engineering analysis and statistical software.  掌握文字处理,图表分析,数据管理,项目管理,演讲技巧,工程分析和数据统计软件知识
  • Knowledge of information systems including but not limited to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CAF, Quality Systems & Documentation Control Systems. 掌握信息系统的知识,如ERP/CAF/资料系统/文控系统等
  • Three to five years’ experience in a manufacturing environment and/ or medical device industry preferred.  在制造业或医疗器械有3-5 者优先
  • Advance technical training in area(s) of expertise preferred.  相关领域有过先进技术培训者优先

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson Medical Suzhou Ltd. (7054)
Job Function
Process Engineering
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