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Staff Facility Engineer

Suzhou, China
Facilities (Generalist)

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805642073W

  • Site coordination for the installation and commissioning of new equipment in micro region
  • 为厂区新设备的安装及调试工作的顺利进行开展厂区协调工作。
  • Commissioning of all buildings and systems ensuring full compliance with all local, J&J and Regulatory requirements.
  • 对所有厂区建筑及其所附设备系统进行调试,确保工作完全符合地区性及强生内部法律法规。
  • Work closely with production and QA team and participate in equipment validation if need.
  • 同生产部门及QA团队密切协作,在有需要的情况下参与设备验证工作。
  • To ensure that all utility equipment is ready to operate at optimum levels at all time.
  • 确保所有公用设施设备在任何时候都处于最优待机状态。
  • To carry out program in compliance with J&J and Chinese policies in conjunction with site maintenance strategy.  Ensure staff understand and use maintenance strategy.
  • 确保项目的开展符合厂区维护策略并符合强生内部及中国相应的规则和政策,确保工作人员能理解并在实际工作中运用这些维护策略。
  • To ensure that all required SOP and records are within compliance needs including storage and retention needs.
  • 确保所有的SOP和记录都与存储和存档要求相一致。
  • To maintain an agreed level of essential engineering spares in conjunction with stores supervisor.
  • 协同仓库管理者一起确保仓库备件保持在一个协定的水平。
  • To liaison with local Authorities and the other site engineer.
  • 与地方当局和其他厂区的工程师进行联络。
  • To ensure all facility engineering practice compliance with EHS policies.
  • 确保所有设备工程作业符合EHS政策要求。
  • Facility engineering function operates within agreed Capital and Revenue budgets.
  • 确保设备工程作业的开展在规定的财务预算内进行。
  • To work with colleagues to ensure that there is a successful outcome to all technical audits.
  • 协同其他同事,确保所有的技术审核的顺利进行。
  • Participates in the development of the department Quality system and ensure compliance with the company quality policy.
  • 参与部门质量系统的改进工作,保障工作符合公司质量管理规定。
  • To identify cost and efficiency improvements across the site.
  • 观察和研究厂区的成本及效率改进策略。
  • Adopt and implement a continuous improvement program for area of responsibility and team.
  • 在自身及设备部团队所辖区域开展持续性改进项目。
  • Ensure that all site drawings and manuals are compiled and kept to up to date.
  • 确保所有厂区图纸和操作指南存档的完整性及时效性。

  • Strong technical skills/较强的技术能力
  • Engineering Trouble-shooting skill/较强的工程故障处理能力
  • Logic mindset/逻辑思维能力较强
  • Quality system ISO9000/了解ISO9000质量管理系统
  • ISO14001 system/了解ISO14001系统
  • MAARS system/了解MAARS系统
  • Planning & organizing skill/较强的计划与组织能力
  • Bachelor degree in electrical/mechanical engineering or Equivalent/电气工程和机械工程或相关专业本科文凭
  • 5 years’ Experience in equipment maintenance/至少5年以上设备维护相关经验
  • Experience with CNC type equipment/有数控设备操作管理经验
  • Experience in technical building/site maintenance/有建筑技术或厂区维护相关经验
  • Good English/英语水平好
  • Previous experience in a similar role/曾任职相似职位
  • Mass Manufacturing maintenance/丰富的制造维护工作经历

Primary Location
Johnson & Johnson Medical Suzhou Ltd. (7054)
Job Function
Facilities (Generalist)
Requisition ID