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Learning Administration and Quality Team Lead (NA)

Manila, Philippines
Human Resources

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1805641187W

Learning Administration Responsibilities

• Directly supervises the day-to-day operations of a team of learning administrators which manages LMS transactions within defined/restricted guidelines and procedures (inclusive of but not limited to learning object (course), curriculum and certification setup, user group creation, learning assignment/proxy enrollment processing, report generation, validation, session/class management, marketing email and other communications management, documentation and survey, assessment and post-course evaluation management)

• In alignment with and with guidance from the LLT Manager, he/she sets day-to-day to medium-term objectives for his/her direct reports as they deliver results with significant impact to different businesses across the enterprise

• Provides measurable inputs/ metrics to individual performance and team dashboards as they contribute to the broader team’s overall results (around 15% - 20%)
• Ensures that the approved operational plan, policies, procedures and organizational strategies are observed, implemented and upheld in the operations floor and where needed recommends reprimands, sanctions or putting a member into Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for approval by the LLT Manager
• Tracks, documents and reports individual and team performance (inclusive but not limited to tardiness and absence) to the LLT Manager
• He/she conducts regular 1:1’s with his/her direct reports, regular coaching and feedback and regular team huddle and cascade sessions among other needed supervisory interventions
• As he/she is expected to provide sound advice to his/her team, deep, advanced and well-developed skills, technical and operational knowledge and experience in LMS administration (preferably using Cornerstone OnDemand or Success Factors) and advanced knowledge and experience in Contact Center/Helpdesk Management (via phone/chat/email/case management system/other social media) are expected from the role
• If needed, he/she is also responsible for directly performing learning administration-related tasks and managing end user and admin queries or requests which further include but are not limited to the following:
- Provides support in deploying training activities by carefully gathering and analyzing explicit and implicit requirements prior to setting up courses in the LMS
- Provides consultative advice on how to best setup a course or deliver requirements by performing thorough problem solving, by exhausting all available options before saying “No” and by knowing when to say “No” if and only when needed
- Sets up/ schedules sessions/classes in the LMS after confirmation from the Global Learning Coordination Team or from Learning Administration Requestors (including course owners)
- Assesses and sets up marketing emails and other learning-related communications
- Provides timely, complete and accurate end-to-end learning administration support to all learning and development programs across all businesses (inclusive but not limited to creation and management of events and sessions, materials, videos, tests, curricula, online courses, certifications, emails, reports, attendance/roster, historical completions, learning assignments/proxy enrollments, Connect items, mobile functions, catalog/auxiliary objects (vendors, trainers, venues, evaluations, training forms, training request forms, surveys, tasks, groups))
- Ensures LMS and learning object configuration are up-to-date and accurate by partnering with course owners/requestors, performing and supporting system and related audits/inspections (both internal and external), taking part in data and report validation, UAT script execution and/or writing to test new or changes to system functionalities and to ensure existing functionalities remain fully accessible, course and curriculum reversioning, systems interface data verification, e-learning/ online course testing and SharePoint and similar support tools management
- Investigates issues thoroughly, determines methods of prevention, mitigation, correction and resolution within acceptable timeframes and levels of quality, routing or escalating inquiries as appropriate and discussing and seeking advice from immediate manager when needed
• Self-motivated and can motivate his/her team by full adherence to and practice of Credo values and Leadership Principles, works independently with minimal supervision and effectively with his/her team and other sister teams, plans and schedules own work and work of his/her team based on broad framework and standards, general goals, timelines and directions received, and partnership and alignment with the LLT Manager
• Observes and manifests utmost integrity in all actions (during pre-onboarding, onboarding and post-onboarding)
• Leads and/or supports the implementation of Employee Engagement Programs (EEP)
• Supports, partners and aligns with his/her immediate manager in meeting his/her team’s and individual goals
• Partners and aligns with co-Learning Administration Team Leads, with the Learning CIA and/or with his/her team in identifying, planning for and implementing identified/agreed/approved projects or tasks and thinks of impact to broader team always
• Leads and provides guidance to the team in executing test scripts, in system interface data verification, in supporting audit work and other validation tasks, in supporting tools management (as survey tool and SharePoint) and if needed in writing test scripts for ad hoc or scheduled patches and upgrades/releases.

Quality Assurance, Queue and SLA Management Responsibilities

• Performs and documents daily, and as needed recommends changes to the Quality Assurance (QA) process ensuring key trends, findings, areas of strength and of development are identified and discussed regularly, in detail and extensively with Learning Administrators as part of regular coaching and feedback and are summarized to, discussed and reported to the LLT Manager
• Listens randomly daily to calls managed by his/her team members and retrieves recordings to review them as needed
• Case/task assignment/prioritization or implementation of approved case/task assignment/ prioritization/queuing strategy is required from the role
• Regularly monitors query or request queue throughout his/her shift via all defined forms of intake (call/email/case/chat/social media/other Helpdesk intake tools) and proactively acts to have team focus on which area requires most attention depending on the observed or anticipated queue and other operational factors
• Where needed he/she asks members of the team to render pre and/or post-shift work to manage observed or anticipated volume
• He/she is expected to report for work during local holidays (earning Leave in Lieu) and observe U.S. holidays in line with global support expected from the team
• Generates and prepares end of shift dashboard reports for handoff to the next shift’s Team Lead highlighting any unique or frequent occurrences and trends observed throughout the shift
• Upholds a risk management-oriented mindset and ensures Service Levels or expected standards pertaining to Completeness, Accuracy, Comprehension, Timeliness, Customer Satisfaction among other factors are met by his/her team throughout the shift and for the month and any SLA, quality or expected standards breaches are discussed immediately with the LLT Manager with corresponding Incident Report (inclusive of recommended corrective and preventive action plans and/or workarounds)
• Identifies where help may be needed from sister teams within the department (GLDO) or outside, where possible liaises with the identified Point of Contact (POC) and where needed escalates with the LLT Manager for intervention
• Carefully gathers and thoroughly examines simple to complex operational data to make informed process improvement proposals that contain summary of facts, identified trends, risks and opportunities, detailed analyses, findings and recommended next steps
Learning Cascade and Continuous Improvement Responsibilities
• Collaborates with co-LMS and Learning Technology (LLT) team members and with sister teams in Global Learning Coordination (GLOC) and in Global Learning Administration and Vendor Operations (GLAVO) to pursue and put into effect approved continuous improvement recommendations to reduce waste in various aspects of processes and systems and to promote accuracy and efficiency
• Partners with co-LLT, GLOC and GLAVO members to establish effective monitoring, cascading and sharing of updates and process changes in a systematic and measurable manner
• Meticulously studies, understands and cascades changes to system behavior, new functionalities, impacts to existing system behavior, analyzes impacts to existing processes and makes the recommended adjustments to processes in partnership and consultation with other Learning Administration Team Leads, with the Learning CIA and/or Learning Administrators
• Initially gathers, reviews and approves recommended initiatives, new or process changes and further recommends them for final approval by the LLT Manager.
• Discusses the approved changes with the Learning CIA as the latter documents and implements new or changes to existing LMS procedures and partners with Global HR Knowledge Management Team for conversion to actual knowledge articles
• Takes part in, plans, hosts and conducts advanced LMS and other learning tools-related training as part of new hire onboarding or of learning and cascading new or changes in groups to support, system functionalities and operational processes
• Communicates clearly and effectively with strong oral and written English communication skills to present suggestions, to explain to and to convince internal/external parties/requestors with the aim of reaching agreement to accept new or existing learning administration concepts, facts, processes and policies. He/she is also expected to effect change or reach compromise or agreement without direct exercise of command where persuasion is required, where there may be skepticism/reluctance to agree or where a heated conversation is or may be expected as a result of perceived or actual inappropriate, incomplete or untimely service delivery
• Contributes positively to and encourages the team to contribute positively to a knowledge sharing environment by documenting and sharing all relevant work knowledge and experience to continuously build and update the knowledge database
• Reads, aligns and keeps self informed of latest updates, cascades information to his/her team and seeks clarification with LLT Manager, co-team leads or Learning CIA when needed



Bachelor's Degree Holder
• 3 to 8 years’ experience in progressive Learning Administration, learning and development or global LMS training deployment which includes at least a year in actual handling of a Shared Service/Off-shoring/Outsourcing operations team
• Advanced knowledge and experience in LMS administration (preferably Cornerstone OnDemand or Success Factors) or in administration of other HR systems
• Advanced knowledge and experience in Learning and other HR or talent-related technologies, Service Center/ Helpdesk technologies, case management, knowledge management, telephony / IVR, document management or other customer service software applications
• Proven capacity to lead (inclusive of inspiring or motivating a team) and to successfully work through and overcome diverse operational adversities and challenges
• Proven openness to hear feedback, to work as part of a team and with proven passion to coach, to help people develop and to deliver feedback
• Attention to detail, strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills
• Ability to be flexible and to work under changing requirements and priorities
• Uncompromising commitment to client and customer satisfaction
• Loves to work with, to analyze data, to test and to come up with holistic test data that encompass both positive and negative test scenarios
• Ability to quickly learn, deliver and work effectively in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple tasks/projects at the same time together with daily planned and unplanned operational activities
• Anticipates possible impact and connection between observed results and series of events, sees bigger picture and recommends new or changes to existing approaches, mitigation, corrective and preventive measures
• Self-motivated, steadfast and able to adapt to a fast-paced operations environment with proven capacity to learn and cascade changes on processes potentially happening on the fly
• Ability to recognize trends based on data and to recommend and design improvement proposals
• Has overall customer experience always on top of mind while balancing it with potential impact to day-to-day operations
• Collaborative and consultative and partners and aligns well with immediate manager, with co-team leads and with team members
• Effective partnership and relationship building skills and identifies opportunities, risks, issues, assesses implications and formulates recommendations in consultation or partnership with immediate manager, team leads, co-team members and key stakeholders
• Deep understanding of how work and local activities integrate with department-wide, broader HR and global functional work and standards
• Results-oriented, motivated, positive-minded, and with collaborative interpersonal skills needed to build a cohesive team
• Ability to take and give directions quickly and on-demand and to think out of the box for more efficient ways of doing things
• Strong verbal and written communication skills with proven capacity to quickly, clearly and comprehensively take and cascade series of steps or instructions
• Can be trusted to maintain confidential information

Primary Location
Philippines-National Capital-Manila
Johnson & Johnson International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. - ROHQ
Job Function
Human Resources
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