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在中央政府事务总监的领导下,负责中央医保、价格的政府事务和政策分析工作,做好医保策略以及医保政策落地工作,与中央相关部门发展可信任的长期战略合作伙伴关系,为公司业务健康成长做出贡献;Under the leadership of Director of CGA, take responsibility for central reimbursement , pricing government affairs and NRDL implementation, develop the reliable long-term strategic partnership with key stakeholders, contribute to XJP  business with healthy growth

• 通过专业化拜访,与中央政府相关部门(医保、物价)建立并维护良好的互动合作关系;确保公司良好的政策环境和秩序;Establish and develop stable and good relationship with central reimbursement and pricing government agencies. Shape favorable policy environment and order.

• 在规定时间内,将公司指定的产品纳入国家报销程序;List XJP’s strategic products into NRDL in regulated period.

• 及时了解医保、物价部门相关政策动态,并结合公司业务制定医保策略和执行方案,组织并协调公司内外力量在相关政府部门制定政策中发挥影响力;Keep close to the central reimbursement and pricing policies updates, make policy analysis to identify the opportunities and risks based on XJP’s business, and integrate internal and external efforts to shape policy environment.,  

• 与市场、销售等团队保持良好的合作与协调、了解需求,并从政府事务角度给与最大支持;Provide government affairs and policy support through close collaborate with market and sales team and understand the requirement .

• 积极参与并组织协调行业成员单位活动及会议,在行业内树立专业化形象;Establish professional image for XJP  in central level through actively participating and coordinating industry activities and meetings.

• 协助区域政府事务的相关工作,为部门工作提供支持Provide support to provincial market access and related affairs.

• 本科或以上学历,医药学或法律相关专业; Bachelor degree or above with related majors with medicine, pharmacy or law

• 5年以上合资企业政府事务工作经历并负责医保工作; 5 years or above of government affairs experiences in foreign or joint ventures 

• 具有优秀的沟通及谈判能力、具有良好的团队合作精神、亲和力强;Excellent communication and negotiation abilities, and good collaboration with other teams.

• 性格稳重、积极向上、善良诚实、心态良好,有预见性和竞争意识,能承受各种压力并自我激励;Good characters, active, kind and honest, foresight and competitive awareness, self-motivated, and  can bear pressure. 

• 熟练的电脑技能及英语听说读写及沟通能力 Advanced  computer skills,  English listening, speaking, reading and writing


• 分析敏锐度:具有洞察力,可以预见未来的影响。针对大量项目中的发现进行整合和分享,发现新的机会,推动业务决策的制定

Policy/data analysis and interpretation: Provides insights and predicts impact. Synthesizes findings across multiple projects to share insights that uncover new opportunities and drive decision-making.

• 价格策略:在与跨部门和跨地区利益相关者合作的基础上,为整体价格策略提供建议

Price strategy: Prepares recommendations for the overall pricing strategy based on collaboration with cross-functional and regional stakeholders.

• 有效地沟通和谈判能力:在各种正式和非正式的场合,清晰且富有表现力地解释信息,以权威、自信、确信、充满激情和极具表达力的方式进行沟通。主持会议、小组讨论和报告。与利益相关者一同设立、领导并实施谈判策略,并运用创新型的解决方案,成功地实现市场准入

Effective communication and negotiation:  Explains information clearly and eloquently. Speaks with authority, confidence, conviction, enthusiasm and expressiveness in a variety of formal and informal settings. Leads meetings, group discussions and presentations. Sets, leads and implements negotiation strategies with stakeholders and uses innovative solutions for successful market access.

• 塑造市场准入环境:针对公司目前和未来业务的关键问题,向利益相关者解释相关资料,并且对此制定策略。通过会议、咨询委员会进行宣传,在涉及关键利益相关者策略利益的领域开展讨论

Shaping market access environment: Translates external stakeholder data that have a significant impact on XJP into current and future business and critical issues. Formulates strategies and tactics to address stakeholder information. Initiates discussions and engages with key stakeholders in identified areas of strategic interest through conference, advisory boards.

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