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Associate Patient Access Director-Beijing

Beijing, 中国


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• Develop and carry out innovative patient assistance program/ patient support program to improve patient access and compliance to innovative medication 创立并实施创新的患者援助、患者支持项目,从而提高患者对创新治疗的可及性及依从性

• Explore the pass way of Private Healthcare Insurance,consumer financing and other innovative solutions  related to company treatment area in China so as to improve patient ability to pay 探索与公司疾病领域相关商业保险/消费者金融等创新解决方案在中国的实施路径,以提升患者的支付能力

• Organize patient assistance programs of strategic and premium products with third-party 与第三方机构合作组织开展策略性/高价值产品的患者援助项目

• Develop innovative patient support programs to improve patients compliance and treatment outcomes 开发创新的患者支持项目以帮助患者提升治疗的依从性,改善治疗结果

• Cooperated with AP MAnGA and global team to improve the disease public awareness, develop innovative commercial insurance product and pass way and to explore the co-pay model with local government 与亚太MAnGA及总部团队合作,提升公众对疾病的认知,开发创新的商业保险产品及路径,探索与地方政府的多方共付模式

• Support PMA team for successful access through local negotiation to further decrease patient economic burden. 支持PMA团队地方医保谈判以便进一步降低患者疾病经济负担

• Coach subordinate and improve key competency of patient access team. 辅导下属并提升其项目管理所需关键技能

• Ensure program to be carried out with highest compliance. 确保项目合规执行

• Have broad and deep understanding of healthcare environment and can initiate and maintain partnership with different stakeholders like government/associations/charitable body/insurance company 对医疗卫生环境有广泛深入的理解,能够与不同的利益相关者,如政府部门、行业协会、慈善机构、保险公司等创立并保持良好的合作

• Be innovative and transboundary(Finance/Insurance etc.) 有创新思维及跨界能力(金融/保险等)

• Be an effective Multi-task dealer 能够同时有效处理多项任务

• Manager crisis and avoid any financial risks and reputation damage to company. 风险管理,避免公司遭受任何金融和声誉的损失



• Bachelor degree or above is a must, major in clinical medical, pharmacy or MBA is a plus 本科及以上学历,医药专业或MBA优先。

• More than 10-year working experience in multinational healthcare company, marketing/access/ background is preferred. 超过10年的跨国医药公司经历,市场部/市场准入背景优先。

• Excellent bilingual oral and written abilities. 出色的中英文听说读写能力。

• Business acumen and excellent program initiation and management capability 业务敏锐度与优秀的项目策划和管理能力。

• Ability to tackle complicated problems with multi-functions internally and different stakeholders externally 处理复杂事务和与不同客户沟通能力。

• Drive cross-function cooperation and strong communication capabilities  推动跨团队合作及沟通协调能力。

• Agility to learn and be acuminous to policy trend and healthcare environment 学习能力强,敏锐捕捉医药行业环境和趋势变化。

• Self-motivated and be willing to work under high pressure and meeting with deadline 自我驱动力,抗压能力强,按时完成任务。

• Ability to cultivate positive organization culture, coach, develop and retain the talent建立积极向上的团队文化,有效辅导、发展及保留员工。

• High compliance sensibility 高合规性。

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