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【Medical】Lifescan, Marketing Manager, Brand Value Creation

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Requisition ID: 1805635249W

General Summary:
Responsible for maintaining and creating non-product values critical for the business and for meeting customer needs, thereby ensuring growth of the blood glucose monitoring (BGM) business. Adding these values to the overall portfolio in a way that is consistent with the overall marketing strategy and Our Credo values in order to maintain constant competitiveness and differentiate against competitors in a timely manner. Collaborates and actively leads WW project teams to leverage best practices and resources. Developing direct reports to achieve organizational objectives. The marketing manager will also be responsible for efforts to expand diversity and inclusion through leading by example, as well as talent development of team members.
Duties &Responsibilities:
  • Maintain and/or further develop existing core non-product services/values.
  • OneTouch Call Center and pro-active patient engagement.
  • OneTouch website.
  • Working closely with other marketing managers to create additional non-product services/values that are aligned with the overall marketing and commercial strategy. Ensure fast implementation of such new values to maintain competitive edge in market.
  • Coordinate the cross-functional team (locally/globally) to ensure flawless execution of new services/value, and ensure share growth of the BGM platform.
  • Establish and maintain the Brand throughout own relevant marketing activities.
  •  Ensure appropriate product/service complaint handling where required, thereby maintaining and improving OneTouch value and reliability for the customer. Supports the necessary legally stipulated quality-related activities or roles. Where required, conduct market research to determine
  • Supervise direct reports and team to achieve marketing and commercial objectives.
  • Directs direct reports based upon the critical paths. Oversees daily jobs in direct reports and give relevant approvals.
  • Maintain and update contracts of temporary or contract staff, where relevant.
  • Involved in raising the overall capability of direct reports as well as other marketing team members in general.
  • Manage the following other responsibilities:
  •   Resourcing and budget/spending control.
  •   Collaboration with local and global KOL(s) if deemed necessary for team activity/objectives.
  • Supports customer or sales team enquiries related to product-related enquiries.
  • Collaborates with Marketing Senior Manager and other Managers in designing and developing organizational strategies.
  • Seek outside best practices (internal/external, domestic or WW) related to business share growth in BGM or other fields.
  • Act as role model for expanding diversity & inclusion values, spreading the importance work-life balance, and lead by example through smart work productivity.

Key Requirements:
  • Understands and can work within the responsibilities of Our Credo.
  • Open and flexible mind, willing to challenge new projects and not be restricted to old methodologies.
  • At least 3-5 years’ experience in a marketing role.
  • Preferably previous experience or exposure to call center operations/management.
  • Preferably 3-5 years’ experience in working with healthcare professionals or in health care area.
  • Strategic and logical business/financial thinking. Preferably also experience with building business cases.
  • Strong in collaboration and teaming.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (Japanese: native, English: fluent). Preferably experience with global teleconferences and active participation in workshops with global members.
  • B.S. / B.A. degree or equivalent.

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