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JJC Business Quality-Technician

Shanghai, China
Operations (Generalist)

Job Description

Requisition ID: 1705617810W

1.   负责上市产品生命周期的管理,包括图文标准的审核批准、首样检查/标样批准、促销活动管控、变更控制管理及新产品上市许可管控等

Responsible for China Marketed product life cycle management, including related CG Spec approval, FAI, Promotion activity, GCC, APR etc

2.   负责强生消费品中国所有品牌产品的标样数据库管理及维护

Maintain all the standard samples for brand and promotion, record the information in database and record the number

3.   协助SAP系统中的产品释放工作:如京东产品释放,由业务因素引发的产品扣留/释放

Support Product release in SAP, eg. Jing Dong product release, Commercial triggered product release

4.   协助强生消费品中国国产产品年检的管理工作

Support JJCC domestic Cosmetic product Annual product test

5.   负责质量活动在业务部门的推广活动(如质量月等)

Lead for Quality related activities deployment in Commercial team (Quality month, Quality culture promotion, etc.)

6.   协助业务质量团队的其他行政事务

Support other administration work in BQ team


1.      教育背景:大学专科或以上学历,化学制药或相关学科的优先。

Education background: College degree or above preferred on Chemistry, Pharmacy or other relevant science.

2.      工作经验:至少1年以上相关工作经验,从事质量保证或质量合规方面的优先

Work experience: At least 1 year experience in QA or Supply Chain or relevant working area.

3.      能力:熟练使用电脑操作,尤其word/excel文件处理和编排,能汇总简单的数据报表;有团队合作精神;有较强的学习欲,对于组织新要求,能较快的适应;工作认真,细心。

Ability: Well operate with computer, especially for Word and Excel, good data summary skills. Team work esprit, with strong learning desire, adapts new knowledge quickly. Work hard and carefully.

4.      英语口语流利,有良好的人际沟通及合作能力

Fluent English, effective communication and interpersonal skills

Primary Location
Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co,Ltd (7044)
Job Function
Operations (Generalist)
Requisition ID