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Shenyang, Liaoning

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Requisition ID: 1505634350W

Supervises and coordinates critical processes related to business planning, marketing plans, portfolio management and development, market research, new product launches, business performance tracking, and multi-channel marketing. At this level the role has increased responsibility including, but not limited to, additional skills, multiple lines/products, diverse teams, etc. This job is not eligible for sales incentives/sales commissions. Establishes accountabilities, goals, and priorities to support the tactical plan for the department. Supports event planning and facilitate key business shows and conferences. Ensures execution of advertising, communications, and public relations plans. Develops, delegates, and executes a plan for improving the quantity and quality of sales tools and databases. Develops significant familiarity with marketing plans, products, vendors, and sales contacts. Develops, maintains and executes a plan for generating leads that result in new business. Identifies ways to shorten the process for identifying qualified leads. Oversees implementation of improvement plans, databases, and other marketing tools. Coordinates with other functions to monitor and analyze market trends.


- Promote the promotion and development of weight loss and metabolic surgery in related areas, and achieve a double increase in the amount of surgery and the quality of surgery

- Combining the characteristics of the product, through the professional education and market activities to develop customer's surgical techniques and the recognition of weight-reducing surgery, the dual promotion of surgical methods and products

- Develop regional surgical strategy and implement

- Closely associate with the sales team, train the sales team on the surgical support and development direction

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Johnson & Johnson Medical Shanghai Ltd. (7055)
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