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Job Description

This EMEA role provides a functional expertise and executes pan-European projects in the domains of Digital Insights. It will be paramount for Janssen to evolve from digital data monitoring, towards fully and holistically leveraging the insights that can be generated with increasing digital touchpoints and a more mature digital infrastructure. 


The EMEA Digital Insights Manager (DIM) will partner with other members of the EMEA Customer and Digital Strategy team (Omnichannel Managers and Business Insights / Digital Analytics /Advanced Analytics colleagues) to…

  • Build and deliver a multi-source performance monitoring for the core omnichannel initiatives in the EMEA region: assessment of the key digital programs generated and deployed in the region to enhance customer experience. These programs are part of the i4C ambition in the region (Innovate For Customer), hence the need to measure execution and impact of the scaled solutions (Janssen Medical Cloud, personalised omnichannel interactions, content excellence journey...) but also of the future MVPs (Minimum Viable Products)
  • Generate deep digital insights to ground the strategies of the major therapeutic areas and brands in Janssen’s portfolio.

In essence, the EMEA Digital Insights Manager will be crucial to guide the organization towards insight-driven, competitive omnichannel customer interactions. 


A) Functional expert, accountable for omnichannel performance measurement, and for digital insights generation

1) Priority 1 - Omnichannel performance measurement (“quantify digital competitiveness”): Build standard digital analytics together with a network of critical stakeholders throughout the analytics community. Leverage the full potential of integrated data sources and systems to move from digital asset monitoring over customer journey analytics, towards marketing automation, and fully developing the resulting insights.

Specific activities - ongoing:

  • Develop an overall framework, and a specific yearly digital / omnichannel insights plan, to measure the key omnichannel programs deployed across brands and countries.
  • Collaborate with a broad range of regional and local professionals who are responsible to supply information from their respective data sources to measure omnichannel tactics: Digital analytics, advanced analytics & modeling, cross-brand market research, ad-hoc market research. I.e. per as previous bullet point, the DIM will frame the digital / omnichannel insights needs in coordination with omnichannel managers, then the DIM will engage with a variety of other CDS  team members who will create and supply the required data; primarily colleagues in Digital Analytics colleagues, but also those working in Advanced Analytics, Data Infrastructure, Market Research, and Competitive Intelligence.
  • Build, automate, maintain and own a comprehensive data reporting solution for the measurement of omnichannel tactics (OC tactics performance reports)
  • Ensure the regular population of the OC tactics performance report with exhaustive and high quality data sets data, and compelling executive summary of conclusions & recommendations.
  • Drive the discussion within the CDS community and with business partners to establish success or improvement needs in omnichannel execution; draw and efficiently communicate the important findings with their implications and recommendations, help the organization accomplish fact-based decision making via a deep understanding of the available information and reports.

Specific activities - first 12 months:

  • Define and implement a pragmatic value capture framework for our portfolio of MVPs and collaborate with data teams to generate a monthly tracking on those.
  • Develop with JMC team (Janssen Medical Cloud) a measurement of JMC different value proposition and successful services / content that could be scaled.
  • Identify how to demonstrate impact of JMC or of specific elements of the JMC value proposition.
  • Support the value proposition definition for the new JMC platform, that should leverage external insights on customer needs and also our learning from the current platform in the 40 countries
  • Design, ensure population, automate, and own a 360° digital acceleration monthly dashboard cross-TA with MVP scale out  and overall impact gained on key channels, channel mix, and end customer (reach & differentiation).

2) Priority 2 - Digital insights generation (“know our digital customers”): Through the consolidation and analysis of multiple sources, build and communicate deep knowledge of omnichannel customer needs, and competitive digital landscape, to inspire and ground omnichannel strategies & innovations for particular therapeutic areas / brands. Support the development and validation of new omnichannel initiatives via customer testing.

Specific activities:

  • Develop a prioritized and consistent data acquisition and consolidation strategy with relevant EMEA CDS partners (Market Research Centre of Excellence, Competitive Intelligence Centre of Excellence, Brands’ BI teams…) to generate deep insights in relation with omnichannel customer needs. Sources will be a mix of syndicated research, ad-hoc market research, digital competitive intelligence (benchmarking).
  • Own the analysis of the selected sources and the story delivery of customers’ practices and needs in specific TA’s, to EMEA CDS partners (OC Managers, BI Managers) and business partners.
  • Contribute to cross-functional TA / brand forums for omnichannel strategy development and omnichannel innovation workshops.
  • Collaborate with brand specific EMEA omnichannel manager, business insights manager, market Research manager, and with the EMEA MR CoE, for the testing of omnichannel innovation concepts or prototypes by actual customers.
 3) Across the two sets of activities above:
  • Ensure on-time, on budget, and high-quality delivery – in line with critical business needs and in respect of compliance
  • Translate omnichannel data and analyses into strategic compelling, actionable recommendations that drive growth.
  • Generate and present customer and marketplace digital insights on a regional scale to shape and influence business strategies.
  • Where / when relevant and appropriate, assess, select and manage suppliers towards high quality data, conclusions and recommendations.
B) Team member and Networker
  • Generate standard digital analytics together with a network of critical stakeholders that can be leveraged throughout the analytics community and directly by commercial roles.
  • Work with technical teams and business process owners at EMEA level to ensure the readiness of our multichannel ecosystem and of our technical infrastructure to deliver according to the defined roadmap.
  • Partner with critical EMEA and country stakeholders to identify best practices in this area (internal/external) and align on an ambition and roadmap.
  • Transfer and communicate digital insights knowledge throughout the EMEA organization.
  • Educate and coach BI and marketing colleagues on appropriate digital data and insights.
  • Active member of the EMEA Digital Expert Group and of the Digital Acceleration Team.

  • Minimum 7 years of experience in healthcare and functional domain of digital analytics & insights , either directly within the pharmaceutical industry and on agency side.
  • Bachelors or masters degree in a related field with strong academic performance with analytic and quantitative coursework is required
  • Solid understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, core business questions and related data sets
  • Consultant and/or Business Intelligence/ Insights background (a track record of customer journey analytics and/ or marketing automation solution is a plus)
  • Expert in the potential of internal CRM data and external digital analytics sources (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics)
  • Experience with API feeds and data ingestion across digital channels
  • Very strong Analytical skills with the ability to translate into insights for business action
  • High motivation, good work ethic, maturity and personal initiative;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Empathy, adaptability and emotional intelligence;
  • Close attention to detail, with a quality-focused mindset
  • Networker - reaching out and collaborating with other departments. Ability to coordinate and coach multiple stakeholders for the delivery of projects. Ability to build productive, sustained relationships with Janssen staff in EMEA, Global and OpCo teams.
  • Good written and spoken English

The role should be based centrally in Europe region and will involve travel (up to 35%) and virtual team and network across the EMEA region.

It is anticipated that the role holder will be based in his/her current country of residence as long as easy access to travel/transportation and local hosting is available at a Janssen office.

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