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Data Analytics & Computational Sciences

Cross – Functional Data Governance Enabling Manager

  • Titolo Cross – Functional Data Governance Enabling Manager
  • Funzione Data Analytics & Computational Sciences
  • Sottofunzione Data Governance & Policy
  • Categoria Manager, Data Governance & Policy (P7)
  • Località Prague, Czech Republic; Czech Republic
  • Data di pubblicazione
  • Riferimento 2406191955W
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Contract: Full Time

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Overall, Purpose of this Job:

As organizations recognize the importance of data, collaboration across different functions and sectors becomes crucial. This collaborative approach promotes a culture of data-driven decision making, accountability, and compliance, improving the value of existing data assets while mitigating risks.

Data governance has become a critical asset for business, driving decision-making, encouraging innovation, and providing valuable insights. Effective management and governance of data are essential to fuel its full potential.

To ensure the success of data initiatives and cultivate collaboration, we are seeking a dedicated Data Governance Enabling Manager. In this role, you will serve as a catalyst for breaking down silos, providing mentorship, support, and leadership in navigating the challenges of multi-functional collaboration. Your goal is to drive balanced success by streamlining SBS/Core GS integration processes, establishing standardized procedures, and encouraging collaboration to ensure data consistency between SBS and HR, Finance and Procurement.

You will play a key role to champion a data-centric culture within SBS and beyond. Your efforts will enable us to fully harness the power of data while aligning with regulations and mitigating risks.

The responsibilities & the impact YOU will have:

  • Lead efforts to streamline data integration processes from functions/sectors and systems into GS Analytics Platform. Collaborate with teams across functions/sectors to establish standardized procedures and protocols for data integration and processing, ensuring data consistency and efficiency. Drive scope conversations, lead prioritization efforts, define roadmaps, timelines, roles, and responsibilities and identify risks and mitigation plans.
  • Cultivate collaboration to break down silos and ensure consistency in data formats and standards across functions. Encourage communication and collaboration between teams to facilitate a broad approach to data governance.
  • Develop and implement data quality measures and protocols to uphold data reliability. Work closely with teams to identify, prioritize, and address data quality issues, ensuring high-quality data across SBS organization.
  • Collaborate with legal, compliance, and privacy teams to develop and enforce robust data privacy practices. Be responsible for audit preparations and collaborate with internal/external audit teams to address audit requirements and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Engage with stakeholders to communicate the value of governed data and champion a culture of data stewardship. Provide ongoing support and guidance to employees to enhance their understanding of data-related concepts and practices.
  • Engage key stakeholders early in the process to gain agreement and support. Secure necessary alignments from senior management. Prioritize tasks and initiatives to ensure optimal utilization of available resources.
  • Facilitate regular meetings and workshops to encourage open communication. Create a collaborative environment where teams can share insights, standard processes, and challenges related to data.


We’d love to hear from YOU, if you have:

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required, advanced degree or equivalent experience, or IT major preferred.

§  Solid understanding and experience in data governance principles, frameworks, and standard processes.

§  3+ years of Data Governance / Data Steward proven experience.

§  Consistent record to facilitate collaboration within the organization.

§  Proven leadership skills in driving complex initiatives and promoting a data centric culture.

§  Experience in ensuring data reliability, accuracy, and consistency.

§  Proficiency in project management and the ability to efficiently manage data initiatives.

§  Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify data governance challenges and develop effective solutions.

§  Experience in organizational change principles and techniques to successfully drive sophisticated initiatives.

§  Understanding of data privacy and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and best governance practices.

§  Ability to handle and influence customers at different levels to gain consensus and support for data governance initiatives.

§  Curious and high energy teammate.

§  Percentage travel expectations: maxim 5%


§  Understanding the industry specific data challenges.

§  Certified in industry methodologies like DCAM or DMBoK.

§  Knowledge of advanced data analytics techniques, such as data mining, predictive analytics, or machine learning.

All applicants will receive consideration for collaboration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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