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Operator I (General)

  • Titel Operator I (General)
  • Fungsi Non-Standard
  • Sub Fungsi Workday Associate A
  • Golongan Associate, Workday Associate A
  • Location Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • Posted
  • ID Permintaan 2406188125W
Melamar Sekarang


l   Support  project daily production management work ; 支持项目日常生产管理工作。

l   To operate machine in a safe and effective manner that ensures maximum performance and longevity of equipment ;


l   Comply with all aspects of good manufacturing practice to maintain full material and product traceability;


l   Work closely with engineers, modify the machine settings to compensate for product variations。工程师紧密合作,产品变化时修改机器设置。

l   According to the work order production plan , completes the material balance;


l   Others based on necessity;  根据需要其他相关工作。

l   Other job assign by cell leader;生产线主管安排的其他工作。


l   Good Working habit (5S), quality sense;良好的工作习惯(5S)与质量意识。

l   Must have good experience in  GMP manufacturer;  最好具备GMP相关生产经验。

l   Good awareness of production safety; 良好的安全生产意识。

l   Do the job according to the standard requirement, meet the requirement of productivity and quality。执行标准化操作,满足产量和质量要求。

l   Good team work spirit。 良好团队合作精神。

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