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[Surgical Vision] Associate Territory Manager - Equipment

  • Titre [Surgical Vision] Associate Territory Manager - Equipment
  • Fonction Sales
  • Sous-fonction Selling MD&D
  • Lieu Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Date de mise en ligne
  • Référence 2206053235W
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Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, a part of the Johnson & Johnson Companies, is in the medical device division in the ophthalmology field. Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision is committed to helping people and the world interact with healthy eyes under the mission See Better, Connect Better and Live Better. 

Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision has made significant contributions to cataract surgery for more than 20 years, from creating the IOLs, phaco-emulsification equipment, femto-laser equipment, OVD products to help cataract patients’ eye health and do business with Korean Ophthalmologists for refractive surgery and dry eye disease.

1. 포지션: Associate Territory Manager - Equipment
2. 계열사: 존슨앤드존슨 서지컬비전 (Surgical Vision)
3. 근무지: 서울시 용산구
4. 근무 형태: Regular 

- Assists in the attainment of established sales goals and market share objectives
- Assists in implementing market development and field marketing activities
- Actively promote J&J surgical vision products (Phaco-emulsification Equipment, Femto-laser Equipment, Dry Eye treatment & Diagnosis device, consumables of equipment)  and services aligned with core mission, corporate strategies, policies, procedures (Foundation list) and Code of Conduct.
- Perform sales calls (HCP / Distributors) to promote, sell, demonstrate and service J&J’s products and services to existing, and potential customers in its operating room or relevant hospitals and provide brief training and education for both existing and potential customers to gain market share if needed
- Manage current distributors throughout effective communication to develop assigned Territories and ensure maximum coverage of all accounts within territory geographic areas to maintain optimum level of exposure and effective time management.
- Makes sales presentations to customers in healthcare settings
- Develop level of product knowledge after internal product and relevant training
- Provide on-going field intelligence reports on competitive activity, changes in market, distribution, pricing as well as input on customer preferences and product features.
- Develop business plans which identify opportunities within current customer base and help formulate sales strategies in conjunction with team sales manager or national sales Manager
- Arranges professional education activities to enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals
- Participate in product and skills development programs, managing own self development.
- Evaluate and improve job skills continually
- Makes regular visits to customer locations to gather information on orders and market conditions
- Performs contract and/or tender management activities
- Coordinates with logistics to ensure product availability
- Executes national, regional, and local promotional activities that are designed to advance sales in specific product lines or areas
- Follows up with customers to resolve any issues and ensure satisfaction
- Assists in making sales forecasts for business planning
- Prepares sales reports and documents, relaying relevant market information to management

- Strong communication skills, relationship-building, collaboration, and teamwork
- Strong drive for results and customer focus
- Resilience and courage in unfamiliar and challenging situations
- The ability to instill trust, including adherence to policies, procedures, and regulations
- Ability to demonstrate the J&J Leadership Imperative behaviors—a strong commitment to Our Credo, the ability to connect inclusively with others, a drive to shape the future of health through innovation, and a passion for growth and development
- Proficiency in using English in the workplace
- Preferential treatment for veterans
- Driver’s license holder
- Those who have completed military service or are exempt and have no reason for disqualification for overseas travel

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