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Medical Affairs Group

MSL/Associate MSL Manager - Derm

  • Título MSL/Associate MSL Manager - Derm
  • Función Medical Affairs Group
  • Sub función Medical Science Liaison
  • Categoría Senior Supervisor, Medical Science Liaison (PL6)
  • Ubicación Guangzhou (Canton), Guangdong, China
  • Publicado
  • Identificación requerida (Req ID) 2406188464W
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PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES may include but no limited to:

Define major accountabilities and/or activities. List most complex or difficult parts of job first and indicate percentage of time required to perform each task.


External Customer Engagement and Partnering

·         Actively identify, develop, and engage key KOLs at regional level.

·         Proactive and reactive communication/interpretation of medical/scientific data/information to KOLs.

·         Through scientific interactions with KOLs, champion medical benefits of products and contribute to foster innovative therapeutic approaches to benefit patients

·         Utilizes effective customer engagement strategies, skills, and technology to uncover deep actionable insights on treatment strategies, needs, and priorities that are relevant and important for mutually beneficial value to the customer and Janssen.

·         Proactively builds a scientific informational resource network.


Effectively Scientific Communication with internal/external customers

·       To help customers and business partners stay abreast of significant advancements through timely identification and dissemination of emerging scientific and medical information from a multitude of sources.

·       To respond to scientific queries of customers for approved products and products/indications in development, based on Medical Information documents e.g. literatures, safety records, scientific FAQs etc.

·       To organize and moderate advisory boards in cooperation with TA groups.

·       To provide medical and product training and scientific support to Sales Representatives in coordination with Marketing team as appropriate.

·       To collect insights from external customers and feedback timely to shape Brand/medical strategy


Scientific Communication Effectiveness with external/internal customers

·         To organize local or regional medical education activities including program development, speaker selection and support in collaboration with ME&MA as appropriate.

·         To support national and regional medical educational events including material development, speaker selection and support in collaboration with ME&MAs.

·         Support medical affairs program and activities at local and regional level.

·         Ensure program implementation 100% in compliance.


Strategic Evidence Generation

·         To identify and prioritize evidence gaps, anticipates future evidence needs and addresses them through evidence generation that is aligned with Therapeutic Area (TA) strategy.

·         Leverages the knowledge of strategic and technical aspects of evidence generation activities from formulating research concept through publications to achieve timely generation of evidence





E DUCATION: Describe the minimum knowledge or educational requirements for the position. Include any degrees or certifications which are required and/or desirable.



Subject or Major

Associate’s degree



e.g., Scientific degree: Medical Doctor,


Major in clinical medicine or pharmacy





RELATED EXPERIENCE: Describe the types of experience and typical number of years required for this role.

·         Medical science, pharmacology with Master degree or plus

·         Medical Doctor or PhD preferred

·         3 years and above of MSL experience preferred

COMPETENCY REQUIREMENTS :   Describe the competencies required for this position.

Click on Box and Enable or Disable Check Mark, as Appropriate, if additional competencies needed, pls. list them in “Others” part.

Integrity / Credo-based Actions

Collaboration and Teaming

Strategic Thinking

Sense of Urgency

Big Picture Orientation with Attention to Detail

Prudent Risk Taking

Organization and Talent Development

Self Awareness/Adaptability

Intellectual Curiosity


Results / Performance Driven


1.       Deeply understand Therapeutic Area(s) and broader external market (competitors, healthcare, regulatory and reimbursement environments). Proficient skill to differentiate organization, interprets and analyses scientific information, leading to stronger impact on business strategy.

2.       Strong influence skills and communication skills to establish and maintain partnership with internal and external customers

3.       Strong ability to leverage deep insights to identify, evaluate, prioritize and communicate strategic choices leading to improved investment decisions that will have the greatest impact, while gaining support and buy in.

4.       Proficiently identify and prioritize evidence gaps, anticipates future evidence needs and addresses them through evidence generation that is aligned with Therapeutic Area (TA) strategy

5.       Strong ability to work independently with minimum supervision to meet tight deadlines, and maintain a positive attitude

6.       Excellent analytical skill to identify gaps and creatively think out of the box to develop a solution.

7.       Good command of English, fluent at writing, speaking, and listening



Describe the extent to which the job must be performed under working conditions that are considered undesirable, potentially hazardous, require travel, or require absence from home overnight

ü  Domestic and International travels are required.

ü  1-2 travel per month is basically required.

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